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Republican Congressional candidate Jane Corwin brought her brand new campaign to Batavia this afternoon.

Corwin is now in the running for the congressional seat vacated by Chris Lee just two weeks ago. She was named the GOP candidate late Monday evening.

The State Assemblywoman from Clarence told a small crowd of GOP loyalists at the county courthouse, she is no stranger to Batavia and Genesee County

"I love to come here on the weekends - my son plays hockey, so we're over at the ice rink every few weeks or so," Corwin explained. "Genesee County is beautiful. It's a rural area, it's got a strong agricultural history; it's something that I think is a shining part of Upstate New York."

Corwin also added that even though she has the money to fund her own campaign, she does expect to do some fundraising within the district.

"I don't believe that a candidate can buy a race, because a race isn't about money - it's about ideas," said Corwin. "The ideas that I put out there: do they make sense to the voters in the area? Is this something that they can relate to? Do they agree with what my plan is?

"They're not going to decide whether or not to vote for me, based on whether or not I put money into my race."

One potential knock on the Assemblywoman is that, being from the fairly suburban and urban Town of Clarence, she might not know the lay of the land – agriculturally speaking.

But WBTA's Dan Fischer quizzed Corwin about her farming knowledge, posing one question she answered with ease.

FISCHER: (to Corwin) "Do you know what muck is?"
CORWIN: "Muck? Like out on the farm?"
CORWIN: "Yeah - the muck...the black earth that's mixed with manure...(laughter and applause)"

Corwin made three other stops today across the 26th Congressional District.

Democratic leaders in the district have not yet chosen a candidate for the special election. However, they did release a statement today.

It is expected that once the Democrats name their candidate, Governor Andrew Cuomo will announce the special election.

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