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Paul J. Mason, MD                            James O'May, PA

Press Release:

Donald T. Eichenauer CEO of Wyoming County Community Hospital today announced that effective December 1, 2017 Paul J. Mason, MD and James O’May, PA will begin providing orthopaedic services at the WCCHS Orthopaedic Clinic on a full time basis through Mason's professional organization, Buffalo Bone and Joint Surgery LLP.  Dr. Mason will also become the Hospital's Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Mason is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon who completed his medical degree at the State University of New York at Buffalo and his residency as well as a Fellowship in hip and knee reconstruction at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.

Dr. Mason and James O’May began providing orthopaedic services, along with Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeons Dr. John Karpie and Dr. Lindsey Clark in 2014 when WCCHS established a Hospital Orthopaedic Clinic. 

Since 2014, Dr. Mason has performed over 300 surgeries at WCCHS, approximately 100 have been hip or knee replacement surgeries.  Dr. Mason began practicing one day per week at WCCHS as his primary practice has been in Buffalo.  His WCCHS practice, as well as that of the entire WCCHS Orthopaedic Clinic, has grown significantly and Dr. Mason has gradually increased his time practicing at WCCHS. 

CEO Don Eichenauer noted that community reaction to Dr. Mason and the entire orthopedic clinic has been exceptional.  All three of the physician providers rank in the top 98th percentile in patient satisfaction in nationally conducted surveys.  Eichenauer also stated that he “receives many calls and letters with positive comments on the orthopaedic services and that over a dozen of Dr. Mason’s patients have provided official testimonials in support of Dr. Mason.”  Many patients have traveled long distances from other communities outside Wyoming County to obtain the services of WCCHS’s Orthopaedic Clinic.

Dr. Mason’s practice grew rapidly and as a result many orthopaedic surgeries at WCCHS were scheduled two to three months out.  "Having Dr. Mason and Jim O’May here five days a week will provide a significant benefit to the community and WCCHS," stated Don Eichenauer.

Having practiced orthopaedic surgery in Buffalo for over twelve years, Dr. Mason decided to focus his practice at WCCHS full-time because he is impressed by the changes at WCCHS over recent years including the new construction, the focus on patient service and the quality of the staff.  "I truly enjoy the patients, the staff, and the rural community," commented Dr. Mason.  He noted that “he and CEO Don Eichenauer had discussed increasing his time at WCCHS over recent months and the timing just seemed right.” 

Dr. John Karpie and Dr. Lindsey Clark, will continue to provide services at the WCCHS Orthopaedic Clinic, as well as Dr. Mason.

As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mason will assist with hospital strategic planning, physician recruiting, patient satisfaction, as well as community education and involvement.  Dr. Mason will work closely with Dr. Mandip Panesar, WCCHS’s recently appointed Medical Director, who will provide medical leadership assisting the medical staff in the delivery of patient care, medical education/research and for the advancement of clinical quality/safety initiatives.

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