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A plea deal has been offered to one of two Batavia men charged with a serious assault last summer.
26 year old Anthony Spencer, who lived on Columbia Avenue, was originally charged assault and gang assault in connection with the beating and stabbing of a man on East Main Street.
The victim was in the hospital for weeks.
Spencer appeared in county court yesterday and was offered a deal that would reduce the charges against him to attempted assault.
He has until December to accept the deal or go to trial.

A defendant asks the judge not to sentence him to jail.
28 year old Danny Williams of Batavia appeared for sentencing before Judge Charles Zambito yesterday asking not to be sentenced to a year in jail.
Williams was arrested last June for pulling a knife on another person in front of a child.
Judge Zambito noted that Williams had a poor record of being on probation and sentenced him to one year.

Kodak is planning more layoffs.  Yesterday the company released a bleak financial report showing a net loss of more than $40-million.. 
Kodak will be cutting more than 400-jobs, about 100 in the Rochester area.

Temperatures are predicted to plummet in Western New York this weekend. 
A cold front from Canada could be bringing the coldest weather yet this season. 
The cold could be record breaking, possibly as low as 18 or 19 degrees.

Damaging winds are forecast for tonight in parts of Western New York. 
Orleans, Monroe and Niagara Counties are under a wind advisory from six o'clock this evening until six o'clock tomorrow morning.
 Winds could exceed 50-miles per hour.

State Police are warning of yet another IRS phone scam.
Some of the recent calls have a return telephone number to a New York State Police Barracks. 
Police say that the IRS does not contact the public over the phone to discuss tax payment issues.
Other scams include callers posing as law enforcement, contacting potential victims by phone and demanding money to help bail out a loved one that just got arrested.

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