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Genesee County wants to be prepared, should disaster strike.
The county’s Public Safety Committee is recommending that the county spend 90-thousand dollars to update its emergency preparedness plans.
The committee will recommend to the entire legislature that a Michigan consulting firm be hired to do the work.
County Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Yeager says that while natural or man-made disasters can strike anywhere, the most likely emergency situation in Genesee County would be winter weather related.

New York State’s budget problems may now have a direct impact on your wallet.
Officials say state income tax refunds could be delayed this year because the state doesn’t have the cash to return.
Usually, the state limits the amount of tax refunds it mails out in the first quarter of the year to 1.75-billion dollars. But Governor Paterson has suggested lowering that limit by a half-billion – and that could delay the refunds.
The Governor blames the state legislature for failing to act on the state’s budget deficit.

A Library on the University of Buffalo-North campus was evacuated after reports of a person with a gun.  University police conducted a room-by-room search of the library yesterday afternoon and found no evidence of a weapon being in the building.  A police officer watching surveillance cameras reportedly saw a person with something that looked like a weapon slung over his shoulder.

Governor David Patterson will hold a meet-and-greet session with voters this Sunday morning at a Greek restaurant in West Seneca. 
The restaurant setting is an alternative to what could be a sparsely attended event if it were held in a downtown Buffalo venue. 
The governor booked a room at the restaurant that can hold 150 people. 
It is one of four stops on a statewide campaign kickoff tour launching this weekend.

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