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The Wyoming County Community Hospital is scaling back an expensive set of renovations, in light of additional costs that would have exceeded the project budget by $11-million.

The Wyoming County Board of Supervisors announced the decision this morning. In a news release, the Board of Supervisors said that a planned 38,000 sq. ft. addition would have increased the project's cost from $21-million to $32-million. "The County immediately engaged (construction firm) Clark Patterson Lee, to sclae back on the planned renovations," the release reads.

Hospital Renovation Committee Chairman Doug Patti, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, tells WBTA that the addition would have housed new radiology equipment, surgical suites, and a new emergency room. It has now been totally eliminated from the project.

"We started doing some more research, and with declining census numbers at the hospital, we decided that we should scale the project back to what it was originally intended to be," Patti says. "This allows the hospital to provide quality healthcare, but at a cost that Wyoming County taxpayers can afford."

The project still includes upgrades to the parking lot and hospital front entrance. Those upgrades are already underway. There are also renovations scheduled for the ER, surgical department, and nursing facility, as well as a new roof and upgrades to air conditioning and sprinkler systems.

The project retains eligibility for the two HEAL NY grants it was awarded, totaling about $9-million. Wyoming County contributes $9-million dollars acquired through loans. The remaining costs associated are covered through capital funds raised by the Wyoming County Community Hospital Foundation. The savings is realized by the county not borrowing an additional $11-million.

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