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The New York Lottery has backed off its threat to close Batavia Downs.
A delegation of board members from Western region OTB met with the Lottery’s top brass yesterday.

The lottery claimed the Downs had violated administrative rules and threatened to pull the lucrative slot machines.
Richard Siebert, the Genesee County representative on the Western OTB board was part of the delegation that traveled to Lottery Headquarters in Schenectady.

Siebert spoke to WBTA News this morning about the meeting and what it means for the future of the Downs

Siebert says Western Region OTB will prepare an alternative plan to submit to the Lottery addressing the deficiencies in the Downs operations
Western Region OTB owns Batavia Downs Track and Casino, but the Lottery controls the slot machines. Those slot machines yield the profit that keeps the Downs financially afloat.

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