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State Police have released the identity of a Canadian man killed in a head-on crash in Oakfield.
82-year-old Gerhard Zeyfang of Toronto was pronounced dead at the scene yesterday on Route 63. Troopers say Zeyfang crossed the center line and was completely in the opposite lane when he struck a van driven by 69-year-old Michael Zakes.

City Councilwoman Rosemary Christian says to ban smoking in public parks would be an infringement on the rights of all smokers.
Christian made the point at last night’s City Council meeting. Council discussed an initiative that would ban all drinking and smoking in the city’s park and picnic areas.
Christian agreed that the alcohol consumption should be curbed.
But she says the smoking ban would be unfair to those taxpayers who help fund the parks - and also smoke.
Read our full story HERE.

Batavia Police appear to be starting an enforcement of their own for Darien Lake concerts.
City Police conducted a traffic stop on Pearl Street Road Saturday night, and reportedly nabbed 5 people for alleged DWI as they returned from the Tim McGraw concert.
Two of the arrested were from Batavia: 18-year-old Matthew Perry, and 22-year-old Matthew Malloy.
All 5 were given appearance tickets for the month of July.
The traffic stop was paid for in part by the Genesee County STOP DWI program.

In Rochester, charges have been dropped in the case against Emily Good, the woman who videotaped police making an arrest outside her home.
The District Attorney’s office dismissed the charge of governmental obstruction in court yesterday.
Good was originally cuffed back in May when officers made a routine traffic stop outside her home. Good videotaped the incident because she said she suspected the police of racial profiling. One policeman said he felt threatened by Good’s actions, and eventually arrested her.
After charges were dropped, Good said she plans to sue the City of Rochester.

From the “We couldn’t write this stuff if we tried” file:
50-year-old Dale Banfield of Batavia is due in court following the alleged heist of several wild woodchucks.
It seems Banfield’s rented Chestnut Street property was being destroyed by the critters. So the landlord called in pest control to trap the woodchucks. But apparently, Banfield had grown fond of the critters, and he wanted them back – so he called the company, who said, “No way.”
That’s when Banfield took the woodchucks into his own hands...literally. He drove to the pest company’s business and took back "his" woodchucks, metal traps and all.
County Sheriff’s Deputies managed to recover the woodchuck traps. But the woodchucks were long gone.
Banfield is due in court next month.


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# Amy Platten
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:10 AM
I can understand someone wanting to get rid of woodchucks. But why on earth would they want them back? Then when the pest control people tell him he can't have them back he goes and gets them himself. Is this guy okay in the head?
# Amy Platten
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:13 AM
I think it is a good idea that the Batavia City Police are starting an enforcement of their own for Darien Lake concerts. Now more people will be caught before they kill someone or themselves.
# Amy Platten
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:15 AM
If they don't want to ban smoking in the parks then at least make a designated part of the park for smokers. It isn't fair to the rest of us that don't smoke to have smoke blown in your face. It is disgusting.

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