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Livingston County Sheriff's Deputies report this afternoon that only minor injuries resulted from a pair of plane crashes at the Geneseo Air Show.

The first mishap occurred at approximately 8:40am, and was relatively minor. 69-year-old Leon Rousselle was piloting a 1961 Beechcraft, a 4-seater personal use aircraft. Rousselle was attempting to land on the earthen airfield, when his plane apparently stalled just a short height off the ground. Deputies report the plane fell about 20 feet.

Rousselle was treated at the scene, along with his wife, who was a passenger. Two other passengers, Tom and Suan Ciura of Lancaster, were transported to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester with neck and back pain.

Rousselle's plane sustained heavy damage to its wings and engine.

A second accident involved a replica of a famous World War I German fighter plane. 67-year-old Joseph Auger of Brampton, Ontario, Canada was piloting his replica Fokker DR-1 triplane in a mock firefight exercise around 12:15pm.

Auger's plane apparently lost power at 600 feet altitude. Auger was able to bring his craft under control and prepare it for an powerless, gliding landing. However, as he descended, the wheels of Auger's craft became tangled in some cornstalks in a nearby field.

The Fokker DR-1 flipped over, trapping Auger, who was strapped inside. He eventually freed himself before rescuers reached the plane.

Amazingly, the pilot was unhurt in the crash.

Livingston County Sheriffs report that the plane was extensively damaged.

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# Jim Ieda
Saturday, July 09, 2011 8:01 PM
Saw the crash. Very sad but I'm very glad he was not hurt and that the plane was a replica. I have a photo of the plane still flying and the crash site from a distance (all you see is corn field and the dust that was kicked up. Great show regardless on a great day.
# Mark Kryst
Sunday, July 10, 2011 1:48 AM
Have photos of both accidents just after the moment of impact. I'm also glad no one was seriously hurt.
# Jeff Stockham
Monday, July 11, 2011 2:36 PM
I saw the incident with the Fokker. It was clear that his engine was cutting out as he made a climbing turn from west to east, turning away from the viewing area. He appeared to be trying to complete a quick left circuit to land on the grass strip. He barely cleared the treeline, gliding wings-level towards the viewing area as he attempted to clear the cornfield, and then the A/C was caught by the stiff easterly crosswind before reaching the strip. The crosswind swung the A/C to its left and the A/C stalled and banked about 60 degrees left, the left lower wing striking the ground in the cornfield and being sheared off along with one wheel. The A/C then did a 1/2 cartwheel, breaking all 3 right wings, and stopped with the tail pointing toward the viewers, and the fuselage and two remaining left wings 3/4 upside-down, as shown in the pics of the wreck. The pilot received a tremendous outpouring of applause and cheers from the much-relieved crowd as he emerged uninjured from the cornfield.
# Don Erwin
Monday, July 11, 2011 3:59 PM
Jeff, nice description. I saw it too. I was concerned when one of the first responders on an ATV plowed into the cornfield to get to the downed aircraft. To think that the pilot could have survived the crash only to be hit by a speeding ATV... Fortunately, it all worked out. What a feeling it was to see him emerge unhurt from the cornfield.

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