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Starting Monday, the state will likely require you to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home.
New legislation, called “Amanda’s Law,” goes into effect in four days. It’s named after 16-year-old Amanda Hansen, a West Seneca girl who was killed in her sleep just over a year ago by carbon monoxide poisoning.
The law calls for CO-detectors to be installed in buildings where there are appliances that could potentially emit carbon monoxide – devices like gas-lit boilers, furnaces, and stoves. The detectors will also be required in any home with an attached garage.
Homes with no potential hazard – such as electrically-heated houses or a house with an electric stove – are exempt from the law.
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# Ellie Batchelor
Friday, February 19, 2010 12:00 AM
While I agree this is a a life-saving idea & a good one, here we go again with
N.Y. State dictating what we MUST have. Perhaps the State would
like to purchase the CO- detectors for any homeowners making less than
say, $75,000 annually, seeing THEY seem to know just what we can
afford. Or better yet, maybe the state could purchase one for EVERY household free & clear, seeing Gov. Paterson wants to withhold our tax refunds until June. Our government on all levels has gone "NUTS"...we should be able to oust them all, wipe the slate clean and start over with new officials earning salaries proportionate to the average citizen or at least proportionate to what they actually DO for their citizens, which is a big fat O. ZERO! It seems they, themselves, have an unlimited expense account, as mentioned in last wks. news where it told of Senator Dale Volker being one of the largest spenders in Congress, averaging approx. one million per yr. WOW! Where does all their money come from anyhow and why don't they have to be accountable for it?
Again, WOW !!!

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