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Bus gets towed at Batavia's main intersection

Traffic was snarled for about 15 minutes in the heart of Batavia today, when a disabled tour bus had to be towed out of the city's main intersection.

The bus had been headed from Buffalo to Rochester when it experienced a generator failure on West Main Street, at about 9:30am. The rig rolled to a stop almostly perfectly on the white line at the corner of East Main, West Main and Ellicott Streets.

Batavia Police Officer Eric Dibble was first on-scene. He said he'd never encountered anything like it before.

"There really isn't a better place it could have stopped," he said, assessing the situation. "Traffic can get around both sides onto Ellicott and East Main."

But getting it out was a problem: no local towing crew was available or able to take the job. That meant a shop from Churchville had to be called in. 45 minutes later, they arrived.

After unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, crewmen decided it needed a tow. Their truck needed access to the middle of the intersection, so police were forced to choke off westbound traffic on Ellicott Street and divert it onto nearby Court Street. The bus' rear axle was removed to avoid transmission damage.

No cost to the city – other than some residents' driving time – was incurred.

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