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A "huge" amount of marijuana, from seed to plants to ready-to-smoke product, has been confiscated in Livingston County Town of Nunda, in what may now be the biggest drug bust in that county's history.

Livingston County Sheriff John York tells WBTA News this afternoon that his deputies needed three full vans and a pick-up truck to haul the massive load of marijuana back to their station from a residence on Ebert Road. There were "hundreds of plants," as well as 17 large plastic totes packed with finished product, and what the Sheriff termed as "many, many, many guns."

"There was a variety of handguns and long guns," said the Sheriff. "We think we identify significant quantities like this, we are going to impact the marijuana trade in our county."

The giant drug bust took place this morning, almost by chance. 911 dispatchers received a call at 3:00am reporting multiple shots fired from the Bielewicz home in Nunda. When deputies arrived, they found 33-year-old Joseph Bielewicz inside his house, armed with a number of weapons. Bielewicz had apparently been firing pistols and long guns into the woods surrounding his home, believing he was fighting off thieves who had come to steal his marijuana.

His mother, 61-year-old Diane Bielewicz, had run from the house and hidden in the woods, afraid that her son was going to shoot her too. Deputies discovered her cowering among the trees, with her cell phone turned off to avoid detection.

Marijuana plants were found growing in the home and in a secret room hidden in the family's barn on the property. More plants were found drying in a separate room in the house, and the totes full of finished weed. There was also a large quantity of seed, and many more plants were found growing on the grounds of the Bielewicz property.

"Most people growing that kind of quantity, are in it for the business," Sheriff York said.

The Bielewicz's have each been charged with 3rd-degree Criminal Possession of Marijuana. Additionally, Joseph Bielewicz is charged with 3rd-degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon, and Reckless Endangerment for the at-will gunshots early this morning.

Both are jailed.

A drug raid has netted what's being described as a "major seizure" of marijuana in Livingston County. Sheriff John York announced in a statement early this afternoon that his deputies were returning from an unspecified location, and carrying with them a large load of marijuana.

It's unknown whether the weed is in plant form, or dried and ready for use. The location and nature of the bust were also undisclosed, and arrest information was unavailable as of this writing.

Further details are promised later this afternoon. WBTA News will bring you those details as we obtain them from the Sheriff's office.

Earlier this year, a man from Geneseo, Livingston County was imprisoned for growing one of the "biggest ever" marijuana crops in county history. 46-year-old Michael Mettler is now serving a five year prison sentence for growing over 250 marijuana plants.

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