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Orleans County Sheriff's Deputies say they have charged two Mexican illegal immigrants in connection with a brutal murder in the Albion Wal-Mart parking lot on October 30th.

28-year-old Jose Torres-Gonzales and 21-year-old Marcos Gomez-Perez are both charged with Attempted Robbery and Conspiracy. Both men are alleged to have stood by and watched, as 24-year-old Honduran illegal Luis Flamenco-Rodriguez allegedly tried to steal a woman's keys, then viciously stabbed her.

That woman, Kathleen Byham of Albion, died shortly after the attack.

Luis Flamenco-Rodriguez was arrested after the attack and charged with 2nd-degree Murder. He is being held in the Orleans County Jail without bail.

Torres-Gonzales and Gomez-Perez are also being held in the Orleans County Jail, on $10,000 bail each. Customs Enforcement has placed detainers against both men, so that they cannot leave the country if bail is posted.

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# Peter Falcone
Wednesday, November 09, 2011 7:53 PM
I find troubling is the man accused of doing the killing was already out on bail and these two illegals have a bail option. Shouldn't they be held regardless and once their court and sentencing, if any, is satisfied, then be turned over to Immigration for deportation. Why would we release them in the public, especially since their co-conspirator went from assault to murder. Who know what else they were not 'caught' for.
# peter buehler
Saturday, November 12, 2011 9:10 PM
The illegal alien problem was encouraged over the years by rich republicans who wanted to build big homes with cheaper labor and staff those homes with cheaper servants who also picked cheaper strawberries and weeded tomatoes until America herself can no longer pay the price (Jr. can't find a summer job, and grandpa has to work until he dies to help support eh family). Thanks alot/Mucho Gracias you bug-eyed cows who go in the supermarket and lean on the poor and needy, crushing him to death...

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