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A fatal accident reported  in Perry, Wyoming County yesterday. Now, the Deputy Mayor of the Village, and his wife, are both dead.
Perry Village Police say the accident happened early Friday. Witnesses saw a pick-up truck swerving on Federal Street, before it crashed through a fence, and flew off a bridge and into a creek.
The truck landed on its roof, under 5 feet of water.
Now dead are 60-year-old Michael Laraby, deputy mayor, and his wife, 56-year-old Cynthia Laraby.
Law enforcement is still investigating the cause of the accident.

On a cold and windy Veterans Day, a spirited ceremony was held at the flagpole of Batavia’s Jerome Center.
Genesee County’s veterans always stress that Memorial Day, in the spring, is a chance to honor their fallen comrades – a much more somber and meaningful day. But Veterans Day, says Jim Neider, is a more relaxed day for all living servicemen.
"Most people don't realize that once you raise your hand, take the oath, and put the uniform on – you're a veteran," Neider said, commemorating all current and former living servicemen.
"You hear people say 'Have a happy Veterans Day,'" he said, "and that's appropriate."

A one-vehicle accident in the Town of Boston, Erie County, has led to a DWI charge for the driver.
35-year-old Keith Mandeville of Boston was found upside-down, in his flipped pick-up truck, off the shoulder of Zimmerman Road. Mandeville pulled himself out of the truck, and Troopers confronted him.
They reportedly smelled alcohol on Mandeville's breath, administered the field sobriety test, and charged him with DWI.
Mandeville was briefly hospitalized, and is now home recovering. He'll be due back in court in January.

A home invasion reported in souther Erie County - and so far, the escaped burglars have not been caught.
State Police say they responded to the call on Brown Hill Road in Concord. They found the homeowners there, who claimed that four men, one white and three black, had broken into their home and then fled in a dark-colored SUV.
The burglars had only come in and "restrained" the victims before running away.
State Police investigation continues.

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