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Genesee County may face legal action over the death of a county jail inmate.

The wife of the late Nikko Gambino has filed a “notice of intent to sue” with Genesee County government. That means she may sue for negligence, after her husband
died in the county jail back in July.

Nikko Gambino was serving time for Impersonating a Police Officer and drug-smuggling, when he simply dropped dead in the county jail. According to Sheriff Gary Maha at the time, Nikko Gambino had been suffering from severe drug withdrawal, and was displaying outward signs of that withdrawal. But jail guards apparently did not notice anything out-of-the-ordinary with Gambino on their usual rounds on July 8th.

One jail guard had reportedly attempted to communicate with Gambino, but only received a grunt in reply.

When the guard came back later, though, Gambino was unresponsive, and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Gambino’s wife, Holly, reportedly now alleges that the county was negligent in its care for Gambino. There is no word on when or if Mrs. Gambino will proceed to a lawsuit.

Holly Gambino has not responded to attempts to contact her.


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