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Route 33 is re-opened in Stafford on Thursday afternoon, after a head-on crash in which an incapacitated driver struck an elderly woman's car on the side of the road.

Genesee County Sheriff's Deputies first received report of an erratic SUV on Route 33 at about 1:40pm. The responding deputy discovered the vehicle, and quickly began pursuing with lights and sirens.

Chief Deputy Jerome Brewster tells WBTA News, it was quickly apparent the SUV would not stop.

"He managed to pull up alongside the appeared the driver was suffering some sort of medical event," said Brewster.

Dispatcher traffic at this point became intense, as the deputy could be heard to yell, "He's all over the road, he's going to hit something!" and shortly later an exclamation as the collision occurred.

"There was a car that was coming the other direction that had stopped" in observation of the scene unfolding, Brewster said. "Unfortunately the SUV drove off the other side of the road and struck the car on the shoulder."

The impacted car was driven back nearly 50 yards from the point of collision.

Both drivers suffered relatively minor, non-life threatening injuries.

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