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Niagra University Shooting

Another deadly college-related shooting in our country, and this one only 50 miles from home. Niagra University offcials confirm yesterday that student, 20 year old Brandon Johnson was killed at a just off-campus apartment complex in an altercation.

According to the police, Johnson was in the apartment when a burglar broke in for an attempted theft. Johnson confronted the burglar and was fatally shot. Police later arrested 17 year old Gordon Jackson of Niagra Falls and charged him with the murder.

This shooting came just 11 hours after a security guard was shot and killed at Virgina Tech. The gunman there later took his own life as well.


State Grants

A package of various state grants worth over 2-million dollars aims to stimulate Genesee County's economic and job growth. The package, announced under the Regional Economic Development plan, includes a 450-thousand dollar Main Street grant for the City of Batavia, to help with building renovation; and a number of re-directed federal-to-state grants, including over a million dollars for a mushroom plant and sewer project in the Town of Batavia.

Overall, it's over 3-and-a-half million dollars in Assemblyman Steve Hawley's 4-county district. He says he's pleased. Also, 110-thousand dollars given to Genesee County for the development of an organic egg farm in Basom. Hawley says that the project will be adding jobs.


Energy Solution

A farmer in LeRoy with an energy problem, is turning to a panel for a solution. It's not a panel of experts or and advisory board, strawberry and honey farmer John Duyssen is running his business, on solar panels.

Duyssen, also a deputy with the Genesee County Sheriff's Office, tells WBTA New's partner "The Batavian" he was between solar power and wind power. Duyssen's panels will be on a rotator system that turns with the sun as it moves across the sky. He expects to gain up to 40% more energy because of it.


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