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A Bergen man almost forfeited his legal right to plea guilty Monday in Genesee County Court. 

22-year-old Timothy Andrews was charged as an accomplice in a November stabbing at Woodstock Gardens in Batavia, but has maintained his innocence in all court appearances since.

Today, Andrews agreed to an "Alford plea deal" – under which, the defendant does not admit guilt, but concedes that he would likely lose the case at trial based on evidence against him.

In an "Alford" situation, the prosecution is required to list off their gathered evidence. But when they did, and Judge Robert Noonan asked Andrews if he thought he’d be convicted based on the evidence, Andrews nearly broke the deal. He became visibly confused, and said, quote: “I don’t know how to answer”

Under an "Alford" plea, Andrews would have forfeited his right to plea guilty and gone to trial, but Andrews was able to quickly correct his answer to "Yes."

Timothy Andrews is now facing 2 to 7 years in prison at sentencing on March 15. He is released under supervision until then.

Also today, brother 19-year-old Kevin Andrews received the same plea deal in connection to the same incident. He remains behind bars until sentencing.

18-year-old Christopher Preedom, accused of the actual stabbing, will be in court tomorrow, believed also for a plea deal agreement.


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# idiot
Saturday, January 21, 2012 10:10 PM
i find this to be terrible reporting, for the record.
# Geoff Redick
Monday, January 23, 2012 1:09 PM

Any reasons why? We're always open to constructive criticism.

--Geoff Redick
# wife
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 3:47 AM
i can answer that Geoff STOP BRINGING UP THE STABBING!!!!!!!!!!!!he isnt being charged with that whats your proof?lets see First the man stabbed was a felone did 8 yrs and HELLO BIT A BLACK MANS EAR OFF AND SAID IT WAS BECAUSE HE LIKES DARK MEAT...not a reliable witness he probably did it to himself...Second Timmy and kevin are very close brothers think think think would you let your little brother do something like this and stand outside? or wherever you were? wait witnesses say you were in the house!!!!!! i wouldnt let my lil brother go do something stupid like that 3rd they both have a criminal record once again WHAT YOU THINK IMMA SAY GEOFF? unreliable witnesses!!!!! Chris my husband clean...the judge is on a personal vendeda along with the police...officer shaw harass me or his little brothers again you will be sewed leave us alone stop following us looking in there windows im pretty sure thats not ok...My grandfather believed in this court system supported it had faith that they wouldnt do what the judge and evil people like officer shaw are doing...this is total disrespect to my Dada Barber B. Conable jr. i bet he is beyonde saddened to see what this town has degraded themselves to shame on u Batavia police shame on u mr thinks he is a judge but cant keep his hands clean and now is under investigation i dont care if i have to contact my grandpa's friends in the white house or the world bank i will bring this town down and everyone corrupt with is THATS JUSTICE
# Geoff Redick
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 10:35 AM

At the time the above article was written (December 19), Mr. Preedom was still charged with Felony Assault in relation to the alleged stabbing. Police specifically alleged that Mr. Preedom was the person who stabbed the victim.

It wasn't until after this writing that Mr. Preedom pleaded down to Attempted Assault. Link to that article below:

I've stated before, I'm more than willing to hear Mr. Preedom's family's side of the story. Feel free to contact me here, by e-mail (geoff -at- or by phone (585-344-1490).

--Geoff Redick

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