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The LeRoy Village swimming pool has been saved from closure and will re-open in summer 2012, after nearly three years out of service – and a threat of permanent closure that nearly filled-in the pool for good.

LeRoy Village Mayor Ged Brady confirms to WBTA News that the Town of LeRoy has agreed to take over day-to-day operation of the Village's pool beginning in summer 2012. The Town and Village signed the leasing agreement at their own respective meetings in early December. Under the contract, the Town leases the pool and assumes over $30,000 in related costs, while the Village contributes $11,000 a year for the next five years under the five-year lease.

Mayor Brady called the pool's preservation "a great thing," after he was originally the one who proposed closing the pool back in February 2011. Brady had cited extensive required repairs and shrinking pool attendance in his motion to fill-in the swimming hole.

But the Mayor commended LeRoy's civic-minded citizens for coming together and raising the necessary funds and help to repair the pool at a reasonable cost. Although it was not possible for the Village to accept their help (due to New York State's mandated capital project bidding process and prevailing wage requirements), the Town is able insert the citizen group's donations and labor into their budget. Thus, citizens' efforts stalled, and eventually saved, the pool from permanent closure.

The Town of LeRoy Recreation Department will assume the day-to-day responsbilities for the pool during summer months.


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# Mary R. Mueller
Friday, February 24, 2012 12:11 AM
I always read stories like this and yet the answer to keep pools from closure is simple.

Pool maintenance is not easy and costs a lot but with today's internet, one can just search for sites such as for pool supplies- no hassle, no shipping cost.

I hope pool operators have the initiative to find ways of keeping the pool in good condition without spending too much for maintenance.

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