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Despite assurances from health officials that the mysterious tics that have afflicted a dozen LeRoy High School girls has nothing to do with the environment, parents remain skeptical..

A community meeting held Wednesday night at LeRoy High School seemed to leave parents with more questions than answers.
"I'm talking about something that comes on in just a couple of weeks," said James DuPont, whose 17-year-old daughter is one of the girls being treated. "These kids are totally normal, and the next thing you know their arms are swinging and they can't control themselves."
DuPont's daughter is one of 12 girls at the school who suddenly and without explanation, began to exhibit involuntary twitches and tics and verbal outbursts.
Dr. Gregory Youbng is with the State Health Department, one of several experts brought in to investigate the LeRoy outbreak.
"We have conclusively ruled out any form of infection or communicable disease and there is no evidence of any environmental factor, " that could cause these symptoms, Young said.
About 150 people attended the informational meeting Wednesday night. Most left frustrated learning that a diagnosis for the aliment has been arrived at, but officials can’t say what it is.
"Because of HIPAA (federal health privacy laws) and because of the limited number of cases in this small community, we really can't comment on the diagnosis that has been given to the children," said Young.
He added that 11 of the 12 children with symptoms are being treated and are improving.
For DuPont, the official explanation left him skeptical.
"This is my daughter and she can't control herself. It's a tear-jerker and hits you right in the gut at the same time. You feel frustrated and helpless because you don't know what you can do. You're just not getting any answers."
Several parents attending seemed to agree on the need for the families to form a support group of their own.
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# Jonjones
Thursday, January 12, 2012 8:50 AM
These girls could be affected by chemtrails or haarp if they play together on some sort of outdoor athletics check YouTube
# RickD
Thursday, January 12, 2012 10:02 AM
No, they aren't being affected by HAARP or "Chem Trails". These are both conspiracy theories that have absolutely ZERO basis in fact. If you want a real "conspiracy theory" ask these bozos who've already diagnosed the "disease" why they don't simply say what it is (HIPAA Laws my foot....)
# Mara Trojanski
Thursday, January 12, 2012 10:02 AM
Has anyone thought about ADHD medication that these girls where not prescribed? Teens are taking this stuff to lose weight and get high. These meds do cause Tics.
# joerobo
Thursday, January 12, 2012 2:07 PM
GARDASIL. period.

Better sell your MERCK stock now, once the lawsuits start it will be worth ZERO.
# rebecca
Thursday, January 12, 2012 4:10 PM
I appreciate and thank all of those to took the time to hold the community meeting last night. It was however truly disturbing to hear the discrepancy between the official findings and details from the families of those afflicted. It did not make the official statement seem very credible. My heart does go out to those families and all those affected, it is truly heartbreaking. Your all in my prayers.
# Heather
Thursday, January 12, 2012 6:23 PM
The same thing happened to my daughter. For her is was autoimmune brought on by mycoplasma. She did IVIG and is 99% better
# Ryan Phox
Thursday, January 12, 2012 7:50 PM
@Jonjones, check with your local Psychiatrist for help with such matters.
# heather
Thursday, January 12, 2012 11:06 PM
Gardasil Injury needs to be looked at, flu vaccine, sounds like a toxic overload for more info
# dg
Friday, January 13, 2012 12:26 PM
apparently only two of the girls got the ovarian cancer vaccine. Sounds like its anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis? Dr. Josep Dalmau at upenn needs to be contacted by the parents he specialized in rare neuro immune disorders 215 746 4707. Check out too for another blog and summary of articles about the Le Roy NY issue.
# Meredith
Friday, January 13, 2012 5:30 PM
Check into tick borne diseases, sick school syndrome, and go to integrative doctors for second opinions.

The mainstream may not believe in the tick borne diseases or sick school syndrome but they are real.

I say the parents of the girls need copies of the environmental school report and to google the words mold and shoemaker.

Hang in there.
# chuckb
Sunday, January 15, 2012 12:56 PM
Have the doctors considered that the condition may be related to the school's having been built on swampy land? Water in the building continues to be a problem. A second story that should be pursued by the press and others is why this new school was built and why it was built on this particular piece of land.
# Alicia
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 8:14 AM
Please put all of these girls on a Phase One Diet (No Carbs at all, just organic meat with no antibiotics or steroids) and fruits and vegetables (organic). No soda, no juice. Just purified water and green tea. Take garlic and olive leaf extract supplements. Just do it for 2 weeks and see if there is a difference.
# leeh
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 8:38 AM
Gardasil, find out if all these girls received from the same batch, lots.
Also, how long ago they all got it, they most probably will find the answers there.
# Lori Kinder
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 9:06 AM
Nothing against the neurologist that is treating ALL the girls, but maybe some of the girls should go to different neurologists. I'm a 48 year old lady & have been having a movement disorder for 2 years (it came on out of the blue) & get additional symptoms as it goes undiagnosed. My first neurologist did several medical tests & tried to say it was psychological in nature, even though the neuropsychologist said I passed his tests with flying colors. This went on for seven months before finally giving up on that neurologist. My internist wasn't happy with what I had been told so I eventually went to see a different neurologist who said the first neurologist was wrong & that from specialized blood work that was finally done, I have an auto immune disease. I am still not diagnosed, but I believe he is getting close & he said never to believe this is psychological in nature. Some auto immune diseases take a long time to diagnose & some can affect the nervous & vestibular systems. I think some of the medical tests done the first year were done too soon because I think the outcome of those tests would be different now due to new symptoms. Some of the LeRoy girls need to go to a different neurological practice to see if they can come up with anything new. Don't lose hope & keep smiling.
# Kristen Marino
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 9:13 AM
If you have not seen an INFECTIOUS DISEASE doctor yet, or even if you have, find another one. Find one who will listen. Many bacterial infections can cause these symptoms. Including Strep. An infectious Disease doctor will run blood tests, probably around the clock to find the infection. Other testing can show a false negative, like the one done with a swab in the throat.
Find a doctor who will work with you and keep trying. Stay away from a Psychiatrist, and any meds that a psychiatrist wants to put you on.
Good Luck, my heart breaks for you all and your families.
# melle
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 9:18 AM
@dg - Gardasil is not an ovarian cancer vaccine - it is for supposed prevention of some strains of HPV which may or may not lead to cervical cancer and is not the definitive cause of most cases of cervical cancer....another vaccine, another billion dollars...These people are being jerked around. HIPAA does not prevent the patient or parents of minor children from being told what the diagnosis is. Get a lawyer.
# Eric
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 11:17 AM
Girls started feeling sick in September, sounds like pesticide spraying At the end of summer before the fall to protect late crops.
# Dg
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 11:33 AM
Thank you for explaining. Did you read the democrat and chronicle online article posted two hours ago today? They interviewed the girls' neurologist and says that he knows exactly what is going on.....but then why do the families have more questions? I agree sounds like an auto immune disease or vaccine related. The families seem to be waiting around and it doesn't appear they have reached out to get secondair third opinions. Have the parents gathered together to share health files and find out what drug company had the bad vaccine batch if that is the case. Each parent should have a role, one scanning for online news and ideas, the other finding another neurologist (uPenn dr. Joseph damau for example) the other researching vaccine dates, etc. they can't wait around for the dr to do these things.
# Diane
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:08 PM
Have you looked into the possibility of toxigenic mold and fungal spores. Look through this website. This is my doctor Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker environmental specialist. His website is and My family was sickened from a sick school which had severe mold issues and had a lawsuit for 8 years and the parents were not warned. We thought we had Tourette's. But it turns out that we were being effected by a factory hog farm which releases dangerous Hydrogen sulfide gas and ammonia which is a neurotoxin. Along with having a sick home from outdoor and indoor mold and fungal spore and a sick school. We had to do an ERMI test on our home to confirm our house was too dangerous to live in. Dr. Shoemaker's research is showing that 25% of the population has a missing geneotype which will not allow these patients to get rid of the mold and fungal spores that are toxic to them. And these spores will cause multi system damage. The illness is called biotoxin illness. Dr. Shoemaker was instrumental in finding out what sickened the fisherman on the Chesapeake Bay. And several children who had immediate memory loss, tics, neurological problems and breathing problems after being exposed to pisteria. These biological toxin can come from mold and fungus, pisteria, lymes disease, blue green alge, alge blooms, red snapper, and grouper etc. This missing gene is why some lymes patients don't get better. The bacteria is transfer by the bite. Anti biotics are given to kill the bacteria. But what most doctors don't know is that bacteria releases a toxin that hids in the fat cells and starts a inflammatory response which will not be shut off til the toxins are removed. Unfortunately biotoxin patients cannot eliminate the toxins on their own. Dr. Shoemaker treats with a toxin binding medicine. This is why you hear some lymes patients become sicker after being exposed to lymes because while the bacteria is killed the toxins are still reeking havoc. Same with mold and fungal spores. Dr. Shoemaker is at 500 Market st. Pocomoke City MD You can email me for more info if you need it. Diane Thomas
# MF
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5:19 PM
I am very confused and concerned about the secrecy surrounding this health crisis that is affecting these innocent female teenagers. They have been injured, their lives turned upside down and their families are getting minimum help or even any information that could empower them to find the answer themselves! Parents: this could strike your daughter next and we don't even know when or what to expect. If there are any afflicted teens in LeRoy who are willing to show the world the devastating and debilitating results of this "mysterious illness," my suggestion would be to be brave and put up videos of yourselves on YouTube. Potentially millions of people will see what is happening to you and spark the national outrage you deserve. We don't even know you but with broken hearts, we hope you can get your story out so you can find a physician, a neuro specialist, a researcher, or anyone in the medical profession to step up and help you! Also, other parents and teens who've suffered this medical -- not -- "hysterical" disorder could provide answers, that obviously, nobody else will.
# MF
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5:32 PM
I am very confused and concerned about the secrecy surrounding this health crisis that is affecting these innocent female teenagers. They have been injured, their lives turned upside down and their families are getting minimum help or even any information that could empower them to find the answer themselves! Parents: this could strike your daughter next and we don't even know when or what to expect. If there are any afflicted teens in LeRoy who are willing to show the world the devastating and debilitating results of this "mysterious illness," my suggestion would be to be brave and put up videos of yourselves on YouTube. Potentially millions of people will see what is happening to you and spark the national outrage you deserve. We don't even know you but with broken hearts, we hope you can get your story out so you can find a physician, a neuro specialist, a researcher, or anyone in the medical profession to step up and help you! Also, other parents and teens who've suffered this medical -- not -- "hysterical" disorder could provide answers, that obviously, nobody else will.
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 7:08 PM
"Girls started feeling sick in September, sounds like pesticide spraying At the end of summer before the fall to protect late crops."

The poster who posted the above is IMHO spot on. I have felt for some time that tics are a result of pesticides. They are playgrounds, parks, lawns, everywhere kids play. Check into that please!
# Frank P
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 7:19 PM
Does this school have WIFI? There is a active canadian study of this hipowered school WIFI that has results that this school WIFI symptons are twitching when turned on. There are other symptons as well but different students get different symptons. Just a thought, hope the girls are all ok soon.
# Kevin LaLonde
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 8:58 PM
Does anyone know all the common demoninators of the 12 women? ie: found in present/past medical history. If not, all this talk is just nonspecific information.
# Jan
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 9:20 AM
Our son was affected by the same type of problem in the mid 1980's and we will gladly share our experience, medical information and other facts that you may not be aware of. I look forward to your response.
# Diane
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 10:32 AM
Don't trust the school system or doctors that have no experience in toxins. Get to an expert like Dr. Shoemaker! He will gladly come out to investigate I believe! You need to do your own testing of the school...Dr. Shoemaker will show you how. An ERMI test needs to be done from Mycometrics. This will measure mold and fungal spores. They test for 36 toxigenic spores. The twitching under the arm and in my left foot happened to me. It will be worse in patients with a the missing genotype. That means they have a missing gene their immune system that won't allow them to get rid of the toxins they have inhaled or ingested. I had an ent and neurologist that did not understand the toxic effects of these biological toxins. Brooke Dupont or her father James can friend me on fb if they want Diane Gamble Thomas for more info. But from our experience with the school district they will lie and don't know the science. A friend has had an 8 year lawsuit with Southeastern school district PA. My daughter went to the school and was having all kinds of neurological problems. The school finallly had mold remidiation. I am now cyberschooling my son because I will not risk the damage that was done to may daughter happen to my son even though remidiation was done. This is a serious issue your children can have life long problems. Don't waste your time on doctors that don't understand this issue. Call Dr. Shoemaker Pocomoke City MD!
# Vivian
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 11:30 AM
Some questions: 1. Are the ticks occurring on the opposite side of the body from where they hold their cell phones?
2. Do they share a classroom? 3 Was there any unusual maintenance on any of the buildings, or bus? 4. Does the school heat with gas? 5. Are there any Texas Markers on campus (xylene solvent)? Is there any agriculture nearby? Did they eat any diet or meal bars? Did the local grocery store change it's disinfectant policy? Does the school use disinfectant hand wipes that contain ADBAC, quatenary ammonia? Have the kids purchased any nick knacks from china? Was WiFi increased at the school? Was a new cell tower installed nearby?

I started having myclonic jerks after all of these factors occurred in my life. I am now chemically sensitive, have Irlen's syndrome and have to use a small amount of coffee everyday to control the stiffness and jerks. I now have hyperkalimic myotonia and early Parkinsons. There is no medications to help, although chiropractic helps a lot.

Very few doctors will admit when you have had a chemical exposure! I have been through this for over 28 years with known chemical injuries. I have to avoid all uses of ADBAC, including Ultra Quat that is allowed on organic foods.

I hope this helps!
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 1:21 PM
Checking environmental factors INSIDE the school doesn't tell all. How about outside the school or the water in general in the area they live. With the train derailment in 1970 how can they rule out environmental factors? Also, was there pesticides or weed killers sprayed inside or outside on school property around the time they got ill? Parents of these kids....keep demanding answers and more testing of your daughters environment.
# Dr. Kevin LaLonde
Thursday, January 19, 2012 8:29 AM
As a physician, I recognized the tics of the interviewed girl on TV this week as real. I did hear her say that she was or has been taking Adderall. A common side effect of Adderall are involuntary body movements (tics). Although this seems unplausible, could all the remaining 11 women be on prescribed Adderall or are they sharing the drug among themselves for weight loss or euphoria? Just an insight.
# laurie silber
Thursday, January 19, 2012 12:50 PM
several years ago i was told my son had tourettes syndrome or a transient tic disorder, i could not accept this because he was a perfectly healthy boy and all of a sudden he started ticking . He suffered with this on and off for about a year until with my intuition and detective work i found the CAUSE. We had a slow leak in our house that we were not aware of, we found out there were high levels of mold in the air and they were producing mycotoxins,when my son was infected with strep throat at the SAME time he was exposed to the high levels of mold it would TRIGGER his tics!! once we found the source of mold and it was remediated, when he would get a strep throat infection he would NOT get tics!!! Also i would like to mention that it didn't just have to be strep throat, if he was sick at all AND was exposed to mold his immune system was being doubly attacked!i have spoken to a couple of others that believe their childs ticking was triggered from mold and a strep infection at the same time. i think it is a possibility that all of these girls had some type of respiratory infection and then at some point they all were exposed at a place that has high levels of mold. mold is a neurotoxin and it damages the immune system, you are more susceptible to a neurological illness if you are already brewing an illness at the same time. My husband is a surgeon and he was very skeptical about believing this could have been the cause of our sons problems, but it WAS and he is now a believer!!!There is a blood test(think it is igg) that can tell if the girls are fighting off mold exposure i think they should all get it done. My son is FINE now! his immune system was being attacked. it is interesting that it is only girls in the school who experienced this< did they check the girls locker room? Also, it can be triggered from just being exposed to the high levels just once while they have another illness in their body. i would love to know where each girl was 24 hours before their onset of symptoms, maybe they all were at the same place?? i read that one mother said her daughters stopped ticking over christmas vacation, that is a clue!! i strongly believe these girls were eposed to mycotoxins while they had an illness and it put their immune systems on overload and triggered their tics!!
# Laura Sletto
Thursday, January 19, 2012 4:59 PM
Mold (and don't believe that only black mold causes health issues) caused severe tics in my son and me - from head to toe. We had penicillium, stachybotrys, cladosporium, aspergillus, alternaria, etc. in the walls of our home and didn't know it. One of the comments above stated the school was built on a former swamp and has water issues. The immediate thing that can be done is to remove the kids from the school and see if their tics reduce in frequency. It didn't take us more than a couple weeks out of the building to substantially reduce the tics and now we do not get them anymore. Schools are notorious for hiding issues as the school's attorney is protecting it from lawsuits. The mold can be in the heat ducts, ceilings, carpet, etc., and DRY MOLD IS MORE TOXIC THAN WET. So if the school is doing moisture testing, that will not result in an accurate result. Trust your gut, parents. I'm not from your area of the U.S., so do not know of Dr. Shoemaker that is mentioned by @Diane above, but if I'd known of him when we were having our issues, my son and I would have gone to Maryland to see him. It is SO hard to find a doctor that gets this. We literally went to dozens of doctors (also had the fungus in our sinuses -- see Mayo Clinic's "eosinophilic allergic fungal rhinosinusitis" and never did find a neurologist that got it.
# chuckb
Friday, January 20, 2012 7:13 PM
Reading the posts by Diane and by Laurie Silber, I think that the possibility of mold being somehow related to this condition should be closely examined. The investigation should be done with full awareness of the standing water in the school building.
# Frank P
Saturday, January 21, 2012 10:16 AM
Conversion disorder? This attempt at an answer can leave a permanent character problem with these girls forever. It will show that they have a mental disorder in their permanent records. They will have this over their heads every time they fill out say a job application.If they answer no to any mental disorder then if someone finds out they lied they can be fired for lying on their employement application.This is very serious.A permanent record of conversion disorder can be a permanent character flaw. It would be better if the girls said they made it up. this way no permanent record of a mental disorder.
# darlene
Monday, January 23, 2012 12:12 AM
has anyone considered lyme disease? my granddaughter has it and has seizures the cdc just closes there eyes to it we live in eastern ny state
# darlene
Monday, January 23, 2012 12:15 AM
has anyone considered lyme disease? my granddaughter has it and has seizures the cdc just closes there eyes to it we live in eastern ny state
# laurie silber
Monday, January 23, 2012 2:24 PM
i also had a very hard time finding a doctor that believed mold was causing my sons tics, even when they went away after the mold was remediated i was told it was a coincidence!!! the fact that the parents are being told all environmental issues have been cleared, is ridiculous! the school is on a swamp, how could they have properly tested every area! Also, stachybotrys is not the only mold that is a neurotoxin, laura listed some other ones that are dangers too!! The girls at the school that are ticcng must all have been exposed to the same area, maybe they all go to the same classroom during the day??? i was also wondering if there are another children with other symptoms that could be related to mold? Any new onsets of asthma? migraine headaches or rashes??that information could also be clues that there is mold in the building, those kids aren't reacting as severely but if there are a lot of those milder symptoms going around, it is a clue. Mold caused my child to have such severe tics he had to go for an eeg of his brain!! once the mold was cleaned up he was fine!!!!!!!Also, i would like to know where the girls were 24 hours before they started ticcing, i have learned that with the first high exposure it can take 24 for the body to react, that would also be a clue,if there is a classroom with wet hardwood floors that could be the problem area, i have spoken to others and the rotting hardwood floor is highly toxic.
# laurie silber
Monday, January 23, 2012 2:37 PM
is there anyway to reach out to the families that are suffering from this? i have an environmentalist that is highly trained to do the PROPER testing in the school and until that is done they are going to continue to SUFFER and be told that the building is fine.......yet it was built on a swamp
# Laura Sletto
Monday, January 23, 2012 3:40 PM
Laurie - I, too, would like to reach out to these families just to share what we learned (the hard way). Do any of the girls have throat clearing tics?
# Dg
Monday, January 23, 2012 3:55 PM
Watch CNN dr drew tonight monday jan 23. This is his second interview with the girls and dr. Also two firms that do independent testing are now going to le Roy and national environmental attorney has offered help. The girls are suffering and let's hope that until ALL possible causes are ruled out (I gave already added up 20) then no one should settle for conversion disorder! I have heard no one say yet "it is NOT Lyme disease, auto immune, low immune, etc etc etc) we have only heard that the dr think it is hysteria or conversion disorder. As a result perception is that the dr only tested for maybe a handful if things.
# laurie silber
Monday, January 23, 2012 6:27 PM
will absolutely watch tonight! my heart breaks for these girls and there are answers!
# Jan
Monday, January 23, 2012 11:07 PM
Our son at age 7 experienced the same problems (in 1984) in one day, while we lived in New Cumberland, PA for approx. 1 year. He was wrongly diagnosed with Tourette’s and psychological problems, tested for brain tumors, drugs, viral and fungal infections, and was prescribed Haldol (which we refused to drug our child into a zombie state to stop the tics). Geisinger Medical Center, John's Hopkins, Massachusetts General, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) were all involved. We also had to home school him, as the school couldn't handle it. It wasn't until we went out of state for 3 weeks, did we find out the tics totally disappeared. We returned home, started school again, and the tics returned. We sent him to his grandparent’s home for 2 weeks which was also in another state, and again the tics stopped. We thrn packed up our home and got out of town. Our younger son also experienced weird rashes. The day we moved, a neighbor showed us a water test that was done on their well water, and said the company responsible for the spill (DuPont Chemical) had been giving them bottled water for a very long time. The list of chemicals that had contaminated their well was long and dangerous. Our home was on city water and sewer, but the children played baseball, football and rode their bikes in grass and dirt outside that very well could have been affected and nobody was aware of it. Interestingly, a few years later, the elementary school they attended drilled new wells to upgrade their system. While we lived there, we found out from our family physician that he prescribed a great volume of Ritalin to the many special education children and regular students in the district. Both boys are now in their 30's, married, with beautiful, healthy children and have never had a problem since. With the exception of that nightmare of a time, they had perfectly normal adolescence and teen years. Sometimes, it's better not to fight the good fight. Is the money really worth the chance of permanent damage? The environmental damage from contamination will never be totally gone. If the cause is contamination, and it probably is, nobody can compensate you enough to risk your children’s lives. We chose the easy way out, not necessarily the cheapest way and have no regrets. Most people will not frequent a restaurant that allows smoking. Why would you even have to think twice about having your daughters live in an area that causes these symptoms?
# MF
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 5:24 PM
I am very concerned about this unstoppable infection of stress-induced mental illness that keeps building in LeRoy. I hope an independent psychiatric specialist can get to the bottom of how, now, all of the school district officials, health department members, doctors, and other bandwagon "experts," seem to have come "UP" with, excuse me, "DOWN" with their own variation of Conversion Disorder. Conveniently based on one doctor's opinion by omission.
My thoughts are with all of you adults -- as I'm certain -- the same Buffalo doctor who examined the affected students is "in" and will help you stay calm after you are diagnosed. Remember, your symptoms ARE REAL and you WILL fully recover from your own mutated variation of Mass Hysteria.
# Yoga_girl
Thursday, January 26, 2012 3:20 AM
Vapor intrustion into the building from toxins in the ground water and soil. Check out LeRoy Railroad Spill and ATSDR. I found someone else who commented:

"I am from leroy and the hs is fairly new in the last few years and was built on swamp land... the first year we were in the school the gym was closed multiple times due to the school sinking and the floors cracking.... in the 70 there was an outbreak due to some issues with the playing feilds and that is now where the school is built. The outbreak than was just rashes and sore sthat would not heal but this still should have been looked at. Also alot of the girls were sick befor ethe symptoms started... there are so many things that should be looked into but are not"

Posted by: leroy ny | January 23, 2012 at 11:33 AM
# Jan
Thursday, January 26, 2012 1:28 PM
To Yoga_girl: I'm pleased to see someone from the town of Leroy is speaking up! There is strength in numbers, but what has happened has far reaching effects on home values, income, and of course the health of the residents, and many probably will not speak up for a number of reasons. Fear is a terrible thing. When something happens to those we love, we look for answers and get frustrated when there is not a fix. My heart aches for all the families. My husband and I have walked in your shoes and also cried the tears of fear. My post on January 23 was meant to raise awareness that you aren't alone as a community. Other towns can have problems too. Problems that are innocently or accidently buried deep in the ground, covered by soil, and innocently mentioned only in the deepest confines of newspaper archives. As one of the aging baby boomers, I guess you could say we brought about and condoned the Industries that made, used or emitted material that we now are finding is toxic. Small towns need to ban together and speak up about their buried secrets and partially resolved "issues." It's the "best-ever" present we can give our children, and grandchildren.
# Mark
Thursday, January 26, 2012 6:46 PM
My bet? This thing is a hoax.

You've got one girl with munchausen's and a bunch of girls who saw the attention she got and started doing it too.

Wait for it. I'd give it about 2-3 months before the copycat girls get bored of it, and the first girl will be the only one left with it. Hopefully eventually her parents will give her psychiatric help.

The media's serious reporting on it lends more credibility to this story than it deserves.
# Jonathan
Saturday, January 28, 2012 10:40 PM
Wow, talk about mass speculation - what's next solar flares or the good ol "the gods are angry" reasoning? Everyone just jumping to unwarranted conclusions based on previous biases with absolutely no data or armed with "old wives tales anecdotes". Honestly, most of these explanations don't seem very plausible as the agents mentioned are used enmasse all over the country and indeed the world (depending on which agent is being vilified, of the tons of factors mentioned either Europe or Asia would have seen more). Honestly, though I sympathize if it is honest and hope they figure it out if so - it does sound more like "lawsuititis" - a hoax as a way to get some attention and maybe some money. It's amazing to think that life expectancies have only increased over time given all the horrible things people on here think that modern science has inflicted on them. They probably should spend some time researching (hey its easy with google to find legitimate surveys and data) life expectancies over the world 50 years ago, 100 years ago etc. and compare them with that of today... mostly superstitions, witch doctory and old wives tales just are that. Amazing how much prejudice can be built up without a shred of decent evidence!
# Berni
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 11:32 AM
I just posted on another site about Adderall side effects; I noticed that a few folks here noticed the same thing I did. It is fact that the symptoms these gals are having is a side effect of Adderall ... Tourette's like symptoms. One gal said on a video that she was fine one day, taking her Adderall and suddenly woke up with these symptoms. Well, come on now. Have they bothered to research that? I haven't found one thing on that possibility in all the articles I have read, which are plenty. What about it, Le Roy High? Are these gals all on Adderall or a similar med for ADD/ADHD? Just saying ....
# Frank P
Thursday, February 02, 2012 7:26 PM
Those of you living in this school district should be demanding for superintendent Kim Cox to resign. This arrogoant super should make all of you sick. According to news reports Kim Cox failed to conduct water tests during the first 3 months of this illness. How irresponsible is that. It is too late now for the test, for if there was a problem with the water it most likely is gone by now. Then again to have the police throw the national investigative team off school property . What is wrong with this woman. She could have asked this team of well known environmental experts to set up a date to run their tests.Free tests. No her arrogance came up with some lame excuse. School personell love to say during budget time its all about the kids, well Ms Cox what happened to that reasoning now. It almost seems Ms Cox is trying to hide something.Parents of this district you cannot trust this person, get her to resign or fire her.
# Vivian
Tuesday, February 07, 2012 1:44 PM
Johnathan, my family has been dying or getting health problems younger and younger. Autism is up 500%. My son developed hand tremors in 4th grade after his teacher sprayed Lysol over the kids heads every time anyone coughed or sneezed. The neurologist said phenol-phenol does brain damage. It could be something as simple as the local butcher changing his disinfectant from bleach to ADBAC, or a farm worker spraying too close to the road all the kids travel on.
# Brenda
Wednesday, February 08, 2012 12:05 AM
I am a teacher in PA. In sept I started getting movement in my neck. Now it has reached the point where my head thrashes and is very painful. I have been diagnosed with cervical dystonia. It has gradually ruined my life. I can hardly ride in a car without lying down. At the age of 54, my life has been turned upside down. At times my arms swing do to muscle spasms. My heart goes out to these girls as I understand what they are feeling. I also feel for their family as I know how difficult it is for my family to see me like this.
# marilyn
Wednesday, February 08, 2012 1:59 AM
i had a foster youth who was not allowed to attend if he wasn't on Ritalin. He developed Tourettes-like behaviour and very similar tics as these kids. On investigation I discovered a class action suit against the drug company for not listing it as a side effect. When the drug was stopped, the tics, both neck and arm movements, went away. Ritalin is a stimulant, like Allderal, an amphetamine-based drug used for hyperactivity and anxiety. Other common stimulants young girls are using for weight loss are meth, ecstasy, stevia, and cough syrups. I assume they've been drug tested. Not sure if stevia shows up. I also think some of the other posts are possibilities. There's a lot of toxins about, but you would think it would be more widespread and not gender specific.
# heather
Wednesday, February 08, 2012 11:11 PM
Brenda I am so sorry your life has been affected this way!
I have a child that has been very ill since getting the Gardasil vaccine, Doctor dont want to hear it, well most of them. This story is kind of shocking to me, as I take My daughter to Dent Institute, same place the girls from Leroy where going. The doctor treating my daughter believe her declining health is due to Gardasil but there is only so much he can do, but he did NOT say conversion disorder(mainly give her pain meds, migraine meds) the only, and I repeat Only help she has received has been through her chiropractor and seeing a naturopathic doctor. She is not being medicated b y the pharma anymore. The naturopathic Doctor is all about healing her, healing her body naturally. Not masking symptoms, giving a pill for a side effect. but truly doing the necessary tests, checking for the cause, finding what is wrong and then healing her. I post this is hopes that others who feel they have been affected whether by mold, pesicides, vaccines or any toxins, seek out a holistic/naturopathic doctor. You may very well be utterly surprised at what they can do and how your health can change for the better. Its more about fixing what these toxins have, its about getting the toxins OUT of your body. Your Liver can only do some much, leaving the toxins in your body will for sure create damage and declining health. I know this type of treatment is not covered by Health Ins for most people, Its not for me and I can honestly say I would never stop going, never stop having my daughter treated this way. I spent 6 months going to EVERY specialist in my area, different hospitals, tons and tons of testing, was even at one point told she had cancer-30 days later was told she didnt. She kept getting sicker. Once she started repairing the damage, stopping any exposure to toxins, heavy metals , aluminum ect. she began to do better, to heal. I never knew how important it is to watch what you eat, what you breathe, what what you inject, and even more so what you DONT do with your body that can truly make you sick. I urge everyone to read about chiropratic care and holistic care, research it like you would if you where buying a house or a car. Learn all you can and you will see that you can stop taking medication for some things and you can HEAL your body. I do know that these girls where drug testing and they were clean, I also know that at least 8 of them did get Gardasil, but some had thier last shot about 2 yrs ago. Also it is more like 18-19 now not 12. I think if anyone has time perhaps they can email Leroy School (Kim Cox) and maybe push them to do more. if you google Leroy high school NY, you will find the website to email the school directly. I pray these girls get help, answers and can go back to school and I pray for the parents to have strenghth, Nothing in this world is harder than having a sick child and having No answers.
# Natural_girl99
Friday, February 10, 2012 9:51 AM
One woman wrote about cervical dystonia. My mother suffered from dystonia all over her body. Her neck would distort so bably that she eventually couldn't eat or swallow. Her hands would distort, her feet....her feet would so badly distort that surgeons removed the joints from her toes and fused the bones. She was a military wife, exposed to TCE and an array of other chemicals that were in the aquifers of a military site that we lived on, a superfund site as well. Erin and her investigators are the only one's who are on the right path. The girls got the media attention, there are thousands of prior and current residents who have come forward to Erin's site.....not only tics, rare cancers, 8 households on one street, infants with tics....check out her interview with Dr. Drew. She and her team said they had never seen anything like this contamination wise...
# Dr. D.
Saturday, February 11, 2012 8:35 AM
It saddens me to read about the "Tourett"like syndrome that the students in
LeRoy's hiugh school sufferes from.Without "digging"in for:Why and how,I would like to offer an advise and a solution.Suggested is taking Niacin 50 mg.
at bedtime with a bite of food:bread,cracker.Should be taken sublingual.
Niacin-Vitamin B3 is critical to increase the H.D.L.(The good cholesterol)Even
in this small dose it lowers the blood pressure.Lowering the blood pressure is a must to relax/to go to sleep.Side effects from this Niacin immediate release-pure niacin? none.What about the "Flush"?it won't happen,if one tkes it with a bite of food.It must be Niacin 100mg, only!!!.Do not substitute(1/2 a tablet sublingual)There is lot more information behind this concept,but this is not the
place to discuss.Are the student involved,going to get better?I sure hope so.
We won't know it unless we try.Please remember to be on a natural organic diet.
# Ann
Sunday, February 26, 2012 12:18 PM
I am not a Doctor only a Grandma. Have any of these girls been given Human Papellomsvirus infection therapy? If they have this may be a road to explore.
My grandaughter had a very similar reaction to the injections. Tic's, very nervous, couldn't sleep and it was difficult concentrating. Hope this information helps.
Good luck girls in finding a solution to your problem, you are in my prayers.

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