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A 10-month-old is un-injured and staying with family – but the baby's parents are behind bars – after Wyoming County deputies stopped a car in a high-speed chase in the Town of Middlebury.

Deputies say the 10-month-old was in the backseat of the suspect car during that chase.

The incident stemmed from a report of a burglary in-progress Thursday at a home on Route 19 in Middlebury. Wyoming County Sheriff's Deputies responded and say they found 27-year-old Harley DuBois of Silver Springs, walking away from the house. DuBois apparently got in his car and started to drive off.

But when deputies pursued, DuBois sped up and tried to elude police. He was stopped by roadblock on nearby Fox Road after a short chase.

Deputies found 27-year-old Amanda DuBois also in the car, along with the couple's 10-month-old child. The baby was not injured during the chase.

Harley and Amanda DuBois are both charged with Burglary and Grand Larceny. They've been implicated in a number of other burglaries as well. Harley DuBois is jailed in lieu of $100,000 bail. Amanda is jailed on $50,000.

The baby is with family members.


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# joshua koch
Sunday, June 24, 2012 1:19 AM
people do crazy things when they are addicted to drugs. everyone makes mistakes in life some are just way worse than others. only people that are addicts will ever understand the way drugs make us think. they run our lives, make us do things we normally would never think of. it dont make us bad people it just means we have a disease. the thing is once your an addict your always an addict you just have to reach a point when your ready to do something about it. there are ways to take control of our disease and never use drugs again which means we stop making crazy decisions. its hard for our families but once we get it a little our lives start turning around. we become some of the best people in the world. i know amanda and know that on 6/16 she had four months clean of drugs and even though some choices she made during that time were not 100 percent right, they didnt hurt anyone and nobody is suppose to be perfect, at least she is working on getting a better life.
the point is when she is not using she can be one of the most amazing people i ever knew and that she is extremely hurt bywhat she has done and there is nothing in life right now that she wants more than her babies. with a little help and the right people in her life i wish her luck to turn things around. everyone gets more than one chance at lifeand i have alot of faith she can do this

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