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It may be 3 months til we have any definitive answer, why a young local mother died late Wednesday night.
Police are calling it an “unattended death.”

24-year-old Alyce Huntoon of Batavia was found unresponsive around 10:30pm Wednesday, in a car just off of East Main Street. She was rushed to the hospital, and pronounced dead.
An autopsy performed Thursday showed no serious physical injury to Alyce’s body. Police are now awaiting the results of a toxicology report, which could take up to 90 days.

But detective Patrick Corona says, in the meantime, police are still speaking with people in the case. Alyce was a mother of two young children, and an employee at the local Tully’s restaurant.


Surprising new word yesterday afternoon, relating to the strange medical case in LeRoy: at least 5 youth basketball games that were scheduled in the Village this weekend, have been cancelled – because visiting teams refuse to play in LeRoy!

The refusal is apparently out of fear for the medical condition, which has been diagnosed as conversion disorder. Team parents from Rochester, its suburbs, and Dansville have disallowed their children to play games in LeRoy.
Right now, no word if these youth basketball games will be re-scheduled.


Thruway Crash

There are new developments in that deadly Thruway crash late Wednesday, that took the life of a van driver.
State Police are still withholding names, but we’ve learned how the crash happened just beyond the Pembroke Thruway exit. Troopers say a small cargo van was slowed or stopped in the driving lane – and its lights were completely turned-off. That is key to the investigation.

Police say because the lights were off, a tractor-trailer driver approaching from behind never saw the van – until it was too late. The giant truck struck the van and drove it off the road. The tractor-trailer was hauling about 22 tons of aluminum pipe at the time.
The van’s driver was ejected and pinned under his vehicle.

He was pronounced dead.
The truck also rolled over in the crash, but truck’s driver survived.
Police are still in the process of notifying family members.

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