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With a broken femur, severe injuries to his face and even some digestive injuries – Batavia's Jason Juliano is still upbeat, and even almost business-like, when speaks about his accident.

"I was hit head-on by a drunk driver who was driving the wrong way on (Rochester's) Inner Loop," Juliano says matter-of-factly, speaking to WBTA News from his hospital bed. "Jaws of Life had to cut me out of the car, and I was taken to Strong Hospital where I've been since."

The 28-year-old's accident was far more harrowing than he describes. Juliano was headed to a rendezvous with friends after a long Thursday evening at chorus rehearsal. He was traveling around a bend near University Avenue, on the tightly-laned Inner Loop highway, when another vehicle came in the opposite direction.

The Inner Loop is divided by a median, which should have protected Juliano from a crash.

Except the other driver was on his side of the rail.

"I think back to that night, and I have no earthly idea how I'm alive right now," Juliano recalls.

Images on television the next morning were stunning: Juliano's SUV was a heap of mangled steel, as was the other vehicle driven by Evangeline Roscoe of Rochester. He was rushed to strong with severe injuries, and at one point during his hospital stay was reduced to a diet of ice chips – the only thing he could consume.

"Never has frozen water tasted so good or been so 'savory!'" Juliano posted on his Facebook account.

He's back to consuming substantive liquids like chicken broth now, and is on pain medication for the number of injuries he sustained in the crash.

Juliano is hoping to be released from the hospital by Friday. But he'll still have a long road ahead of him, with at least three days each week of physical therapy.

"I hope to be sort of 'out of the woods' from pain and suffering within six months...but the emotional scarring will be life-long," says Juliano of a type of accident that few others have lived to talk about.

The other driver, Roscoe, was initially diagnosed in critical condition. Strong Hospital reports she has since been discharged, but it's unclear what her location or condition are. Roscoe has been charged with DWI and Vehicular Assault.

Like any other defendant, Evangeline Roscoe is innocent until proven guilty. Still, Jason Juliano says he's become a (thankfully) living example of the dangers of drunk driving.

"This is what it does," he says, referring to his injured condition Thursday. "You can get lucky a thousand times...but it only takes one time to change the course of someone's life forever.

"The canopy of damage is not just to me," he says of family and friends. "I just wish folks would think to be more responsible in the future. I really do."

Juliano will have months of physical therapy ahead for his femur injury. He is consulting with an attorney as to a definitive plan of action going forward.


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