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UPDATE (2:00pm) by Geoff Redick:

State Police Trooper Mark O'Donnell tells WBTA News Tuesday, there is no criminal element so far in the search for two missing Batavia brothers.

"We're just going with his (the third brother's) statements to us. We don't know how accurate those statements are," said O'Donnell Tuesday afternoon.

State Police have been searching over a week now for David and Michael King of Batavia. The brothers were reported missing February 21st. But it wasn't until just days ago that police learned the brothers were last seen on I-390 near Rochester and the Genesee River.

"That information was given to us by the third brother, Daniel – who wasn't able to give us any information until just the other day...for reasons I can't really get into," said O'Donnell. When pressed further whether it was a medical issue or otherwise that prevented Daniel from commenting, O'Donnell again refused details.

"Part of the reason we didn't involve the media before, was that he (Daniel) was unable to speak to us," O'Donnell says.

According to State Police, Daniel was the last person to see his brothers Michael and David at about 9:00pm on February 19th. He had driven them to the area of the I-390 where their damaged car was left after a crash. Daniel says his brothers tried to jump over a median, but the area they jumped at stands about 100 feet above the Genesee River.

"There's about a 12 to 15-foot gap between the northbound and southbound lanes at that location," O'Donnell said. "And the family hasn't had any contact with either of the brothers since."

Police have also failed to pick up any cell phone signals from the brothers' phones during the investigation. Still, O'Donnell does not characterize the search as a "search for bodies."

"We're not ruling out that they could be safe," he said.

State Police are currently searching the Genesee River in Monroe County for a two Batavia brothers who have been missing for ten days.

Troopers say David King, 54, and Michael King, 46, of Batavia were both last seen at about 9:00pm on February 19th, on the I-390 highway in Monroe County.

According to Troopers, the King brothers were driven to that location after they were in a minor accident there just hours earlier that evening. After evaluation at Strong Hospital, the brothers were driven back to the I-390, where their car was still located.

But, they were dropped off on the opposite side of the highway. Their driver, third brother Daniel King of Batavia, says he saw his brothers hop the median to go over and retrieve their vehicle – but apparently, on the other side was a 100 foot fall into the Genesee River.

The brothers were reported missing by family on February 21st.

State Police are using a scuba team and airboat Tuesday to search the area. They also used a helicopter to search over the weekend.

Anyone with information should call State Police at 398-4100.

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