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A tough choice may lie ahead for local Congresswoman Kathy Hochul.
If court-drawn re-districting maps are enforced, Hochul might have to run against Buffalo's Brian Higgins in a comfortably Democratic district that includes her home base in Amherst.
Her alternative is to move to a different district that would include more Republicans than her current area.
The new court-drawn maps will only take effect if state legislators cannot come to a compromise on their differing congressional re-districting proposals.

An update now on the future of Holy Family School in LeRoy:
As we reported late last year, Holy Family was planning to merge with St. Joseph’s School of Batavia, in the face of declining enrollment.
Not long after, the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo declined the merger in the interest of a community-wide effort to save the school. A Diocesan-approved timeline was developed with benchmark goals in order for Holy Family to stay open.
Pastor Michael Rock tells WBTA Holy Family met and surpassed its first benchmark goal.
"We have 72 registered students (for next year) right now, and we raised $50,000," he said.
The school is on track to be open for the fall, though there are still two more enrollment and financial goals to be met by June 1st.

Batavia’s My-T Acres Farm has agreed to pay a fine of $7,500 dollars in connection with a chemical spill last fall.
The incident last October along West Main Street caused a half-dozen people to be treated for eye irritation. It also caused a partial evacuation of the area.
The EPA ruled that a farm worker was unqualified to spread the chemical.

The Air Force will eliminate 845 jobs at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve station by October 1st unless lawmakers can find some new mission for the base.  An announcement yesterday outlined the elimination of 25,000 Air Force positions nationwide by 2017, including the 107th Airlift Wing stationed at Niagara Falls.

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