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A pair of City of Batavia firefighters accused of running an illegal gambling ring appeared for a routine court date Tuesday, but ran away from reporters who attempted to question and photograph them.

39-year-old Gregory Phillips and 43-year-old Brian Bordinaro appeared in Batavia City Court at about 2:00pm, with attorneys Lawrence Andolina and Thomas Keane, respectively. Judge Robert Balbick continued their case until April 17th, as well as the case of their co-defendant, 41-year-old Lance Engel, also of Batavia.

Outside the courtroom, Andolina spoke to reporters and only repeated that little had happened in court. Meanwhile, Phillips and Bordinaro s
lipped past the group of reporters, and began running across Elicott Street when pursued.

Both men are accused of operating an illegal sports book and making a profit. The Genesee County Sheriff's Department even accuses the men of taking bets via cell phone, while on-duty as city firefighters.

PHOTOS, inset: Gregory Phillips (top); Brian Bordinaro (bottom)

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# Kathy Rissew
Saturday, March 24, 2012 12:44 PM
I will first say I do not condone illegal gambling but when I read police statements about the concern for families who have lost large amounts of money to this gambling ring being a cause for concern I cannot help but think of families who lose large amounts of money every day at legal gambling facilities! I see the only difference as being the government makes a lot of money in the legal gambling facilities but do not make any money on illegal gambling. The government is not concerned about people or families who lose vast amounts of money daily in legal gambling establishments. We live in a schizophrenic society and have many double standards. It is fine for taxable facilities to condone and allow gambling, to sell cigarettes and other tobacco products, to sell knock off brand clothing and synthetic marijuana at every corner store in every small town but it only becomes wrong or illegal if the government is not getting their share of taxes on those sales. Double standards cause hypocrisy!!! You cannot really have it both ways.

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