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A twice-convicted sex offender who was called a "scumbag" and a "monster" in Genesee County Court, received a 14-year prison sentence Wednesday.

29-year-old Anthony Dioguardi was sentenced on four counts of first-degree sexual abuse. He'd been convicted by a jury on all four counts, earlier this year.

Dioguardi made multiple sexual attacks on two stepdaughters, and is already serving a lengthy sentence for a separate sexual crime against another stepdaughter.

In court Wednesday, Dioguardi's two victims spoke before Judge Robert Noonan. The elder of the two girls said Dioguardi had "ruined and corrupted" her life, as well as the lives of all her family. She said she cannot drive by the house where the acts occurred, or even hear the name "Anthony," without becoming emotionally upset.

"I can't even say the name 'Anthony' anymore," she said. "I have to say 'scumbag' because that's how I see him now."

The other stepdaughter had her statement read by a relative. In her statement, she told the judge the crimes committed against her had "sent me to a dark place."

"I can hardly remember my happiness," she wrote. "Put him away for as long as possible, so that we can all be set free."

The girls' mother also spoke and said Dioguardi's actions had "cast a shadow the length of a lifetime."

Before sentencing, Dioguardi told the judge he could never apologize enough, but that he would like a short prison sentence so that he could get out and prove himself to the world.

"I want to change," Dioguardi said.

"You're sorry only to the point that you want a shortened prison sentence," Judge Noonan replied. "You are polite, charming, well-spoken, and you were able to commit these horrible crimes. And that does make you the monster these people say you are."

Dioguardi was quiet and stoic in court, only speaking at a short length and otherwise staring straight ahead.

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