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The National Weather Service is calling for freezing temperatures Monday night. 

The recent warm spell has prompted many plants and trees, especially fruit trees to bloom well ahead of schedule across Western New York.  During the cold temperatures many plants could freeze.

Larry Delre of Delre’s Green House said his advice for people trying to protect their plants is to cover them.

“I would suggest if they have anything flowering that they use newspapers to cover them up or if they have some type of a cloth,” said Delre.

Delre said whatever people do, do not cover plants with plastic. He said covering plants in plastic will cause the sunlight to burn plants.

“Another thing that they can do in the morning, if there is frost on them they can get hose out and water them and try and get the ice off. Keep watering until the water warms up,” said Delre.

Delre’s last bit of advice during the cold temperatures is to bring potted plants inside your home, where it’s warm.

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