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A Georgia man, who fled to Batavia to avoid the law, will serve eight years in a New York State prison.
26-year old Derick Barker attempted to strangle a fellow inmate in the Genesee County Jail. 
He was also accused of plotting to kill another inmate for money.  
During his sentencing yesterday Barker apologized for taking up the court’s time for his mistakes. 
Barker’s local attorney Thomas Burns said his clients probation report indicated some "anger issues."

Batavia Police have a lead in trying to track down a tagger.
Police are showing a surveillance photo of a car they say was involved in a recent graffiti incident on Court Street.
A suspect got out of the car, a green Honda civic, and proceeded to spray paint a mailbox next to the M&T Bank.
Police ishued a surveilance photo (Right) and asked the public for any information. 

The airline behind the Clarence Center crash of flight 3407 has filed for bankruptcy. 
Memphis-based Pinnacle Airlines says it filed for bankruptcy due to increased costs and debt. Colgan Air, a subsidiary of Pinnacle, operated Flight 3407 which went down in 2009 killing 50-people.  
At that time, it was flying under the Continental Airlines name.

An Alexander woman is accused of filing tax returns in the name of her ex-boyfriend and then keeping the refund. 
37-year old Amy Lynne Koch was charged with three counts of grand larceny. She’s accused of using her ex- boyfriend’s information to file both state and federal income tax forms. 
She then set up a joint bank account into which the refund was deposited and then emptied the account. 
The ex-boyfriend is serving time in state prison.  


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