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A brand new fire truck will soon be added to Batavia’s fire fighting arsenal. The new bright and shinny vehicle came with anything but a fire sale price.

Fire Chief Jim Maxwell said the fire truck was selected after a year long study.

“What I was looking for was a rescue type fire engine to maximize compartment space, realizing we’re a small department, we don’t have a lot of vehicles or a lot of man power we wanted to maximize the compartment size on the vehicle to get as much equipment on one vehicle as we could to get it to the scene,” said Maxwell.

The truck was purchased on a $356,000 bid. Maxwell said that was the second lowest of seven bids received.

“When we looked at the stripped unit and when we added the equipment on it that we really wanted to meet the specifications that came up to $339,000, which is just over $330 less than the one that were going to award and it still didn’t meet what we were looking for, what it really didn’t meet was a compartment space,” said Maxwell.

The new truck is due to arrive in four months, it will replace a truck that had been in service for 22 years. The 22-year-old truck was pulled out of service in January. The city is borrowing a truck from the City of Rochester until the new one is ready.

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