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O’Lacy’s Irish Pub is celebrating 15 years of service in Batavia on Sunday, April 15th. 

Before O’Lacy’s was purchased in 1995 it was home to Darien Knitting Mill Outlet, then Kent Ewell and Nacy Bachulak refurbished it and opened it as a pub in 1997.  

Kent Ewell said for 15 years they have been playing traditional Irish music and serving up food that sticks to the ribs.

“Very good selection of beer, we make our own homemade chips. We serve Sheppard’s pies, we have excellent Rueben’s. The only thing deep fried on our menu is our fish and chips on Friday's and our potato chips,” said Ewell.  

Many don’t understand the why Irish pubs have such a following or what makes them different between your run of the mill bar.

Ewell told WBTA why Irish pubs are so popular.

“Irish seem to have what you would call the gift of gab. I think that that aside from the beer and some of the menu items, I think more or less it’s the atmosphere that creates an Irish pub,” said Ewell.

One thing O’Lacy’s is known for is their nitrogen pouring system for Guiness.

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