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The Alabama fire department will receive $69,000 in reimbursements.

They will receive the funding for the next five years for calls made by the Tonawanda Indian Reservation.

The typical fire response costs the Alabama fire department approximately $600.

Congresswoman Kathy Hochul was in Genesee County Thursday making the announcement. She said the funding was secured through the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

“They’re delighted because this money is money that they don’t have to collect from the tax payers. It’s going to be available for new equipment, training or uniforms, whatever they need, because they do about 315 calls a year,” said Hochul.  

Hochul said the agreement was necessary, because Albama resopnders are always on top of serving the reservation. Last year fire rescuers responded to 115 calls there.

Two of Alabama's fire rescue volunteers live on the reservation.

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