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The New Batavia Animal Hospital will be built by fall 2012. Perry Veterinary Clinic bought the vet hospital from Dr. Raymond Pray in October, 2011.

Practice Manager for Perry Robert Bausch said the current hospital is becoming a little cramped. They plan to knock the existing one down and rebuild a bigger one.

Bausch said the new hospital will be two times larger than the current one and will be able to accommodate more doctors.

"Currently we are operating with two veterinarians at the Batavia Animal Hospital most days. Some days for part of the day we only have one. We'd like to definitely expand the practice two three veterinarians most days including Saturday's. We feel that there is a demand for it in the area," said Bausch.

Bausch said the new hospital will be able to include a clinic to dispense livestock medications and much more. 

"There's going to be larger waiting areas, exam rooms will be much larger. We currently have three exam rooms; we'll be going to five exam rooms. The treatment area will be four to five times larger so animals that are kept in house overnight who need constant, continual medical care and observation, it will make it so veterinarians can do a better job of that," said Bausch.

The current hospital will remain open during construction. The new facility will be built behind the existing one.

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