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A multi-million dollar expansion project will begin immediately for Batavia Downs Casino. 

The New York Lottery has approved the $27-million project. The expansion will include repairs to the building’s roof, replacement of their neon sign with an energy efficient one and moving the facility’s second story gaming floor down to ground level.

Director of Marketing at Batavia Downs Ryan Hasenauer said it’s expected to be the largest construction project in Western New York this year.

“We’re going to be creating jobs, not only construction jobs of course during the 10 to 14 month process as we move the gaming floor down to the first level. But at the same time creating more jobs for the people here in the community and creating a place that draws in people from outside of our area, and those people will stop at local stores and restaurants and other places, of course we’ll have restaurants on site, but you know they might want to eat over at Alex’s Place or they might want to go and check out Oliver’s Candies,” said Hasenauer.

New restaurants will also be added to the facility including a sports bar named after Batavia Downs Ambassador Thurman Thomas.

Hasenauer said he hopes Batavia Downs will become a tourism magnet for the region because of the expansion and if the state allows full-fledged gaming at the casino. 

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