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The Batavia City School Board held their final public hearing Tuesday night before the budget vote on May 15th.

The $40-million spending plan calls for a 2% increase in property taxes, the closure of Robert Morris Elementary and the elimination of 21 positions.

The meeting was lightly attended and only two people voiced their concerns.

George Galliford addressed the board. He said he’s concerned about out-going Superintendent Margret Puzio who is retiring this year remaining on the payroll longer than the duration of the school year.

"I can see having the Superintendent stay around until June 31st or whatever to help bring the new Superintendent up to speed, but to go until December 31st or January 1st, that's very expensive bascially having two superintendents," said Galliford.

Puzio said she’s staying longer, because the board asked her to stay through the consolidation process. Puzio also addressed concerns about administration.

"I know people are talking that we are adding another administrator. We are not. We are reorganizing. We will now have close to 800 students in our middle school so we are moving one of our administrators there that's all," said Puzio. 

Also on the ballot this year is the issue of transportation. Due to the consolidation of schools the buget is calling for middle school students to be on the same transportation eligibility as elementary students. An additional 120 students would be eligible for bus transportation, but the actual numbers wont be known until this summer. 

The new locations for the vote are at John Kennedy Elementary School for homes north of Route 5 and Batavia High School for homes south of Route 5. The vote will take place from 7a.m. until 9p.m.

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