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The recent warm weather has forced many large butterflies into our area. The Red Admiral Butterfly’s are large brown, white and yellow and have migrated into town a little sooner than normal.

Agriculture Outreach Coordinator at Genesee Counties Cornell Cooperative Extension Jan Beglinger said gardeners need not to worry they are harmless to plants.

"They're a fairly common butterfly. I know one of the plants that they lay their eggs on are nettles which most people don't like nettles. The adults themselves they just drink nectar from trees and shrubs so I know we've seen a lot of them on crab apples and maybe some of the fruit trees in bloom and probably lilacs," said Beglinger. 

Beglinger said the adult Red Admirals will stay here and go through their life cycle and the babies will eventually migrate south.She said the large population we are seeing now is definitely expected to decrease throughout the summer.

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