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A Darien man gets 5 years in prison for seriously injuring a friend in a car accident.

21-year-old Wyatt Becker plead guilty to Vehicular Assault in the 2nd degree and Driving While Intoxicated in March for causing an accident in August that sent his passenger Luke Tarnacki of Alden to the hospital.

During an emotional hearing in County Court Thursday Becker read a statement to Judge Robert Noonan that said he was a changed man after 5 sober months in jail.

Becker said he didn’t know how to make up for all of the damage he’s done and how to show the remorse he has for the victim and his family. 

Becker promised the Judge that he would never see him in court again.

Noonan recognized that Becker claimed his actions, but recounted that he had a prior DWI conviction and he made the poor choice to skip his November arraignment.

Before handing down the sentence Noonan said he hoped by the time Becker gets out of jail he’ll learn to make better choices. 

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