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17-year old Emily Helenbrook is an Alexander High School student with a mean set of pipes and she's having her senior recital this Saturday at the Eastman School of Music where she’s been training in Opera for six years.

"Lucky for me I did find that I had a voice when I was about seven years old and I've loved opera ever since then and I’ve been really working hard at it and perfecting that art form so, it's not your usual 17 year old hobby or career choice, I guess," said Helenbrook.

Helebrook said one of the best experiences of her life was singing at Carnegie Hall two years ago. She explains that she has music runing through her veins, literally.

"My aunt is a singer, Adrienne Gryta, in Buffalo and I think my biggest inspiration would have to be my grandpa who played with the Buffalo Philharmonic for over 60 years. So he's been my musical inspiration," said Helenbrook.


Helenbrook is not only a talented singer, she is a high school honor student taking college level classes at GCC and in the fall she will be attending Eastman for vocal performance and The University of Rochester for law.

“I really hope I can make it to the operatic stage and that I can do that for a living. I really want to follow my voice wherever it will take me," said Helenbrook. 


Helenbrook encourages everyone, especially young people, to take an interest in opera music. She said you may just love it as much as she does.


Helebrook will be singing in Eastman’s Hatch recital hall at 7p.m. on May 19th.


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