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LeRoy will be celebrating 200 years of existence on Friday, but it’s not your ordinary bicentennial celebration. Organizers will be re-creating the first town meeting with no detail spared.

LeRoy, originally named Bellona was created by splitting off the west side of Caledonia in the early 1800’s.

Chairman on the Committee of Arrangements for the Bicentennial Lynne Belluscio said after two years of being settled in the town was re-named after a wealthy merchant who lived in New York City named Herman LeRoy.

“As far as we know he actually never came to the area, but his son Jacob did come to LeRoy and lived in what we know now is LeRoy house and they came primarily to sell the land and make some money,” said Belluscio.

On June 8th 1812 it was official LeRoy was a town. Starting at 5p.m. in Trigon Park Friday night the plan is to recreate the first meeting down to every last detail starting with the leader of the meeting Town Supervisor Steve Barbeau. He will be dressed in traditional attire.

Belluscio said Barbeau will start the meeting by taking an oath on the LeRoy bible.

“The LeRoy family isn’t going to be able to be represented here, but they did send Herman LeRoy’s bible, it was printed in 1795. So the bible is here and it’s huge,” said Belluscio.

The first order of business at the original meeting was to create a fund for the poor, so they will be collecting donations for the LeRoy pantry at the event.

Then they will decide what the bounty is on capturing wolves and fox.

Belluscio said then Barbeau will also appoint the men to oversee the highways and keep them clear of debris.

“So he will be appointing 28 overseers in place of the original 28, but he will be calling the original 28 up to see if they’re there,” said Belluscio.  

The night will be filled with music from local students, a delicious Ox-roast, the thirteen traditional toasts which will include cheers to president James Madision and to the ladies who weren’t allowed to go to meetings in the 1800’s and it will end with a bang, there will be fireworks at 9:30p.m.


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