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An infestation of Army Worms is invading lawns across the State and causing major damage.

Jan Beglinger the Agricultural Outreach Coordinator at Cornell Cooperative Extension In Genesee County said the brown and yellow caterpillars have also been spotted in Genesee County.

Army worms mainly eat grass, but they have been known to also eat wheat, barely and corn crops.

Beglinger explains what it looks like if Army Worms have invaded your yard.

“Army Worms generally feed at night or in the evening, they will come out and feed on a cloudy day, but we have had reports of people where their lawn is just brown over night and they don’t know what’s going on and then if they go look in the green part of the lawn their finding the caterpillars. There is usually not just one there is hundreds if not thousands of them,” said Beglinger.

Beglinger said the best way to get rid of the pesky insect is by spraying your lawn with a pesticide made specifically for fighting-off army worms. 

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