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The neighbor of two women left homeless by a house fire on Monday is working to replace some items that were lost.

Mary and Roxy lived on the second floor of 33 Pearl Street where the fire spread from the garage causing the death of their puppy Tonka.

Neighbor Angela Schlaggel said so far a bed was donated, but the two lost everything in the blaze.

“Mary was talking about a Sabres jersey that she had just paid $150 for that she lost in the fire, which I feel terrible for her. I think they came out with a couple of canned goods, but even all their food is gone. It’s everything, papertowels, toilet paper. I walked around my house asking what are the things I use everyday,” said Schlaggel.

The two women who are disabled are also in need of clothes sizes 16 to 20.

When asked why she’s doing this Schlaggel teared up. She said she knows others would do the same for her and her family.

“They’re just really sweet and they just deserve to be set back up and I just want to do anything I can to help them get back to normal,” said Schlaggel.

Schlaggel said Mary and Roxy are doing much better and it's all because of the compassion the community has shown.

They have been stopping over Schlaggel’s house to play with her puppy Sophie, who just happens to their puppy’s Tonka’s sister.

Schlaggel’s family has helped Mary and Roxy with getting a new apartment where they will be moving in this July.

Schlaggel said she is also asking if people can volunteer to bring meals to the women when they first move in to their new place. She said she feels the meals would make their transition a lot easier.  

If you would like to help you can call Angela Schlaggel (585) 409-1128 or Darlene Tallan (585) 813-2496. 

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