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Three members of the same LeRoy family are facing serious charges for interfering with police trying to make an arrest.

During the course of the melee on Maple Avenue in LeRoy late yesterday afternoon a Genesee County Sheriff’s deputy had a knife placed against his chest.
LeRoy Police Chief Christopher Haywood said initially Genesee County Sheriff's Deputy M. Butler and one LeRoy PD Officer Emily Clark, went to the home at 21 Maple investigating a criminal contempt complaint against Michael J. Mead Sr., 25 .
"At one point the deputy advised Mead that he was under arrest. He (Mead) refused to come along with the officer. At that point, the subject's father, Donald E. Mead Jr., 49, attempted to slam the door on the deputy. They managed to get Michael Mead outside and place him custody at which point the mother of the subject, Elaina mead, 43, placed a knife against the chest of Deputy Butler."  
Haywood said no one could tell what Elaina was about to do, but LeRoy Police Officer Emily Clark didn’t wait to find out:
"I can't speak to what her (Elaina Mead) intent was when she had the knife in her hand but Officer Clark said she (Elaina) had the knife up against the deputy’s chest and that's why she took the action she did. Officer Clark swung at the knife and knocked the knife out of the woman's hand and that's when the officer suffered a laceration to her hand. Fotunately, we  did not have to find out what her intentions ultimately were."
Michael J. Mead Sr. was charged with Criminal Contempt in the 2nd degree, Resisting Arrest and Harassment in the 2nd degree. Bail was set at $20,000.

Donald E. Mead Sr. was charged with Assault in the 2nd degree, Criminal Possession of a Weapon and Obstructing Governmental Administration. His bail was set at $15,000, he made bail Monday afternoon.

Elaina J. Mead was charged by Deputy Butler with Attempted Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, Menacing a Police Officer and Obstructing Governmental Administration, Her bail was set at $15,000.
Additional charges were filed against Elaina Mead by Officer Clark which included:
Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, Menacing a Police Officer, Criminal Possession of a Weapon and Obstructing Governmental Administration. Bail on those charges was set at $15,000.

Elaina Mead posted bail Monday afternoon. 
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# Lindsay
Wednesday, June 19, 2013 2:58 AM
This is all lies. Corruption!! They did not have a warrant
Only Emily Clark claimed she had a knife.
Mainly small children were at that home.
Officer butler did not see her with a knife. only filed charges because
Emily Clark told him . He was suppose to have been
grabbed by the arm and a knife placed to his chest
But, he didnt know any of this happen until officer Clark
told him.
# Rae
Tuesday, October 01, 2013 4:35 PM
As of today the parents were took to court for over
A year. At one point Elaina mead was told to withdraw her plea
Then a new plea, both husband and wife take a deal or no deal
After a long year and scare tactics with one wanting a deal and the other didnt
They pleaded together. However, as for the door the evidence told in court
Was that the office was hit with a wooden door. The door was not wooden!
Their was no evidence!! It was all false. But they took a deal? People do not
Always take deals because they are guilty. Most are innocent!! And the jails and prisons are over populated? How about we stop puttin innocent people in jail! That will help it not be over populated!! Worst corrupted case I ever heard in court. All of the evidence was based on lies. Now what happens to these officers egos since they were able to get away with lies? What happens to the next family? I'm sure it will happen again to someone else. I hope next time that family will fight for their rights!!

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