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Parents and their children gathered at Austin Park in Downtown Batavia Tuesday morning waiting for the spray park to open.

With forecasters predicting record high temperatures all week some local mothers gave their advice on how to keep the little ones cool.

Jenny McPhee was setting up camp for her kids under a tree when she offered her tips on how to beat the heat.

“Stay in the shade, limit your time outdoors. We have kids with asthma so with some of this high humidity and stuff we need to just keep cool by staying in the shade and eat lots of popsicles and ice cream,” said McPhee.

McPhee said when the spray park opened at 11 o’clock Tuesday you bet her children will be there.

Adrian Foeller was smearing sunscreen and placing hats on her sons heads as she gave her advice.

“We drink a lot of water, I have lots of cold water and I just make sure they’re dressed coolly in loose clothes with a nice brimmed hat on and sunblock of course,” said Foeller.

Foeller said the key to keeping her kids hydrated in the heat is to make them drink water even if they say they aren’t thirsty.

Angelina Pellegrino was in town from Rochester on her way to take her kids to swimming in her brothers pool when she saw Austin Park bustling. 

Pellegrino said her advice to parents is not to be afraid during the warm temperatures. She said she loads the kids up with sunblock and keeps them hydrated.

“They choose not to eat when it gets really hot out, so just electrolytes mostly Gatorade is what I give them to drink,” said Pellegrino.

Forecasters are expecting a high of 89 degrees Tuesday and a high of 93 degrees Wednesday for the first day of summer.

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