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A Buffalo man is behind Genesee County bars charged with Grand Larceny.
Genesee County Sheriff’s Deputies say 55-year-old Rocco Ballacchino took over 12-hundred dollars worth of flooring materials from the Batavia Home Depot. Ballacchino is locked up without bail.

The lawyer for Jaquetta Simmons, charged with punching out a Batavia Walmart employee on Christmas Eve, wants to challenge the law used to charge his client.
The 26-year-old Simmons of Batavia is accused of assaulting 70-year-old Grace Suozzi.
Simmons attorney, Earl Key, wants the charge under New York’s “Granny Law” dismissed.  Attorney Earl Key claims the law is unconstitutional because it requires the defendant to know how old the victim is.
The Granny law places additional penalties on a person convicted of assaulting someone over 65.

Congresswoman Kathy Hochul has introduced a bill entitled The Vocational Employment and Technical Skills Act or VETS Act.  
The proposed law would allow veterans to receive professional certifications in skills they performed while members of the armed services.
Hochul says she feels this will also offer many veterans some piece of mind as they return home. 

Police in the Rochester suburb of Greece say a school bus monitor who was verbally abused by four middle school students does not want to press charges.  A cell phone video that has gone viral shows the students verbally abusing 68-year-old Karen Klein for ten minutes.
Klein said she is confident the Greece-Athena Middle School will discipline the students appropriately.  

From the "how was this ever allowed in the first place?" file, New York inmates are no longer allowed to receive mail that contains maps that could help them escape from prison.  State corrections officials have updated rules that now prohibit maps "that could aid in an inmate's escape from a correctional facility" from being allowed to get to inmates behind bars.  Incredibly, escape maps had not been barred from prisoners until this week.


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