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Scott Doll Murder Conviction Upheld

The New York State Supreme Court voted Friday to uphold the murder conviction of Scott Doll.

The Corfu resident was found guilty in 2010 of the 2009 murder of 66-year old Joseph Benaquist in Pembroke.

Doll’s team of defense attorney's were challenging the conviction because they were concerned that Doll’s Constitutional rights were compromised by Sheriff's deputies and investigators who responded to Lake Road where Doll was found wandering in a blood-splattered jumpsuit and they didn't read him is Miranda rights until Benaquist's body was found.

At the time they didn't read him the Miranda rights or allow him to seek an attorney, because he was not a person of interest in a murder.

Doll was originally picked up by deputies after they received reports that his description matched that of someone partaking in suspicious activity. He claimed that the blood on his jumpsuit came from butchering a deer.

It was only after Benaqusit's body was found that he became a person of interest.

The States high court decided that his rights were not compromised by a vote of 3 to 2.

Doll will continue to serve the 15 years to life sentence he was given two years ago at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, NY.

His attorney’s plan to appeal the ruling.

Local Man Charged with Trespassing

Bradley J. Broadbent, 32, was charged with criminal trespassing and criminal mischief after he reportedly kicked in and entered an apartment on Hutchins Street in Batavia last night.

When the police arrived on the scene, he was located jumping back and forth between the roofs of two houses and acting irrationally. Police finally were able to get Broadbent to come down with the assistance of City Fire and he was taken to UMMC for evaluation.

At about 8 PM, he fled the emergency room at the hospital and shortly afterward police received word of an unknown subject entering a residence on Tracy Avenue. The home belonged to a female acquaintance of Broadbent and after searching the residence, he was found hiding on a neighbor’s garage roof. He was ordered down and taken into custody.

Several other charges are pending, and he is held without bail.

Burglaries Plague Genesee County

A large number of burglaries have been reported across the County this past week.

The rash of burglaries seemed to have started this past Tuesday when some Pavilion residents reported that they woke up to find their shed doors and gates open, their personal items were moved, but nothing was taken.

Chief Deputy Jerome Brewster says then there was a report that two dirt bikes stolen in Stafford and the reports continue to come in.

“There is a lot of stuff that’s going on in the county and we are just asking everyone to make sure that your stuff is locked up, and that you record your serial numbers. That is probably the only way we can try to get your stuff back,” says Brewster. “If you see something suspicious, please call. This goes for your neighbor’s property as well.”

Brewster says he doesn’t think all of the burglaries are related, but he does think the ones happening in Pavilion may be connected. He is asking anyone with information to call the County Sheriff’s Office.

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