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What could be wrong with something as benign sounding as, “bath salts?” Well apparently, plenty.

In just the past week, Batavia Police have responded to at least four incidents of people suspected of being under the influence of so-called “bath salts” which are actually, synthetic drugs.

City leaders said it’s time to do something to stem the use of marginally legal synthetic drugs.

They are sold in so-called head-shops and bear the name of seemingly safe substances called “bath salts.”

Batavia Police Detective Richard Schauf thinks that’s deliberate.

“And that might be by design, I think if I’m a person who is producing this I don’t think I would call it killer, I would want it to be benign and that way I’m under the radar somebody making money out of this,” said Schauf.

Police Chief Shawn Heubusch said a meeting will be held later this week to draft a strategy to deal with the trend.

He acknowledges it can be a fine line between legal commerce and the public safety.

 “You can’t step on free enterprise, there is a federal law that is enacted obviously we don’t have jurisdiction when it comes to enforcement of that aspect, however we are going to do what we can to keep our residence safe,” said Huebush.

Detective Schauf said that public education is a key factor in combating the use of these synthetic substances.

 “If somebody chose to harm themselves how do you stop them from doing that,” said Schauf.

Both Schauf and Chief Heubusch agree that criminal law often lags behind the development and use of dangerous drugs.

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