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A Rochester man charged with Burglary rolled the dice over a lengthy prison sentence – possibly life – and lost.
A Genesee County Court jury took four hours yesterday to decide that 37-year-old Reginald Wilson was guilty of breaking into a home on State Street last fall and stealing a car.
Wilson rejected a plea deal, which would have sent him to prison for two to four years.
But now, due to his previous violent felony convictions, he could get life.
Genesee County District Attorney Lawrence Friedman said it is up to the court to determine if Wilson should be sentenced as a persistent felony offender.
Judge Robert Noonan has scheduled Wilson’s sentencing for May 12th.

29-year-old Paul Dhanda of Clapsaddle Road, Bethany is in the Genesee County jail this morning for allegedly trashing his mother’s home.
Mom had to call deputies last night. They say Paul was allegedly drunk, tossed a sewing machine through the air and knocked over two TV sets.
He’s been charged with criminal mischief and is being held in lieu of $5,000 bail.

A year ago, 29-year-old Richard Westly of Springville was arrested by the Wyoming County Drug Task Force for selling drugs in the Town of Arcade.
Westly later pled guilty to his crimes, and was punished. He probably thought that was the end of it, but not quite.
Westley was collecting on a Worker’s Compensation claim at the time he was selling drugs and now Workers Comp has busted Westley for fraud. He apparently did not tell his caseworker about the income he received from selling drugs.

March did go out like a lamb this year, but you can hardly call any of last month’s weather harsh. No measurable snowfall was recorded all month.
That’s only the second time that has happened since the weather service started keeping records back in the 1870’s.
Dave Sage with the National Weather Service in Buffalo says the last measureable snowfall between Buffalo and Rochester was on February 28th.
Sage says storm tracks all winter long were South of us – by the time they moved far enough to the North in March, the weather was just too warm for snow.
Sage will not rule out snow for this month – he makes note of 1989, when we received 8-inches of snow on one day in May.


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