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Are you wondering why your Ash tree is looking a little grim, well a bright metallic-green bug that looks like a bullet could be to blame.

The Emerald Ash Borer is its name and it’s killing many Ash trees across Western New York.Emerald Ash Borer

Agricultural Outreach Coordinator at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Jan Beglinger said 10% of the trees in the State are Ash trees and this bug that traveled from China is wiping most of them out.

“They basically lay their eggs in the ash tree under the bark and then it’s the larva that does the most damage, because the larva is actually in your tree eating the vascular system of your tree which stops water and nutrients from getting from the roots of your tree to the top of the tree. So usually within 1 to 3 years your Ash tree will die," said Beglinger. 

Beglinger said the only way to get rid of the bug is to chemically treat your Ash tree.

“There is a product out there that is labeled for Ash Borer that home owners can use. There is also some pretty good treatments that a professional tree service can provide to your tree that goes if they inject it in this tree so the tree has it systemically so if any insect goes to feed on this tree the insect will die,” Beglinger said.

Due to the treat the Emerald Ash Borer has on Ash trees Western New York is in quarantine and all Ash wood cannot be moved outside of the area.

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