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Gas prices are now on the rise. Over the last six weeks the average gallon of gas has jumped 31 cents a gallon in Western New York.

Right now, the average price per gallon is $3.80 across the region and $3.77 in Batavia.

Steve Pacer is with AAA of Western & Central New York. He said the main reason prices are going up is due to the price of crude oil.

“What determined that price is a lot of economic data and global concerns, so we had a decant jobs report earlier in the month and in the U.S that shot the price up there was some strong data that came out last week in China that shot it up so when that price increased that means that you and I pay more at the pump here in Western New York," said Pacer.     

Pacer said it is unusual to see gas prices so high in the summer, but the hike is not impacting driving habits.

"It’s almost like a psychological factor that people are used to, there used to seeing these prices between $3.50 and $4.00," said Pacer.   

Pacer said analysts are predicting that prices will come down after the Labor Day holiday. 

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