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Ever since the raid last month on the so-called head shop on Ellicott Street, local lawmen have not had to deal with a case of bath salts.
City Manager Jason Molino updated City Council last night:
"Since the raid on 420 Emporium July 25, the shop has not reopened.  Since that day we have not had any bath salt related calls for service from the police department's perspective."
That doesn’t mean the problem has gone away.
Council will urge the state to adopt stiffer penalties for synthetic drugs.Under existing law, local governments can only impose penalties of a $250 fine and 15 days in jail.
A section of the Erie Canal previous closed is set to reopen this week.  
The section between Medina and Holley is expected to reopen on Thursday.  
Part of the canal embankment collapsed two weeks ago.  
Work is a little more than 80-percent done now and should be fully completed for reopening by Thursday.
Firefighters in Albion put out a fire which caused extensive damage to a building containing several businesses on Hamilton Street.  The building once housed an Agway store.  Orleans County officials say the blaze, which began at around 2 a.m., was finally put out at mid-morning.
Gasoline prices are now on the rise. Over the last six weeks the average gallon of gas has jumped 31 cents a gallon in Western New York.
The average price per gallon is $3.80 across the region and $3.77 in Batavia.
Steve Pacer, a spokesman for AAA of Western & Central New York, said the main reason prices are going up is due to the price of crude oil.
“What determined that price is a lot of economic data and global concerns, so we had a decant jobs report earlier in the month and in the U.S that shot the price up there was some strong data that came out last week in China that shot it up so when that price increased that means that you and I pay more at the pump here in Western New York."    

Pacer said analysts are predicting that prices will come down after the Labor Day holiday.  

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