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A man is in custody for allegedly stealing from cars parked behind the BataviaCity court house.

Genesee County Sheriff’s Office Youth Officer Christopher Erion was on the scene investigating another incident when he noticed a young white male peering into parked cars. Erion said when the suspect realized he was being watched he fled on a bike and then on foot.

“He didn’t force entry into any of the vehicles so there was no damage done, he was simply checking to see which cars were open and some items were located near by, not specifically on him, but were trying to link some of those things to him,” said Erion.

Erion said City Police also assisted in the chase. They trailed the man to the parking lot of the Genesee ARC on Walnut Street where he was taken into custody.

The investigation continues. The man could face both petit larceny and trespassing charges. 

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